7 simple ways to sharpen up your content

Content that has the “oomph” factor!

Content that has the “oomph” factor! Written by Kaye Neylon These are the tips that copywriters swear by and now we’re sharing them with you. Whether you’re putting together a blog, getting social with the networks or developing that content-marketing campaign that will give your brand the digital boost it craves, content that hits your… Read more »

Your Guide to the new hybrid Social Media

As Manchester’s liveliest and wildest social media agency, we show you the new dawn of social media Written by Kaye Neylon Back in December we investigated the top social media performers of 2012 in our blog ‘The Social Media Class of 2012: Top of the Class’ and we made a few predictions to where we… Read more »

The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot

Neilsen Mobile Report 2013

New study reveals how customers use their mobile phones based on where they live Written by Kaye Neylon A new report entitled “The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot,” was launched globally today (you can read the report here). Research leaders Nielsen looked closely at consumer behavior, device preference and usage in 10 different countries, including… Read more »

“Internships create brand ambassadors for your company”…

Can internships create brand ambassadors?

Can offering internships create life-long brand ambassadors? Written by Kaye Neylon As I was meandering through the Jungle daily Twitterfeed this morning, I noticed one particular tweet that posed the thought on which this article has been based… “Internships create brand ambassadors for your company” (tweet by CERN’s @Recruiter_Two). Given the UK employment’s current state,… Read more »

Tweet Tw…. Twitter Shortens Tweet Length

Twitter is now reducing the number of characters you can tweet.

Twitter is now reducing the number of characters you can tweet. Written by Kaye Neylon As of today if you’re tweeting out a URL, you may notice your tweets just got a little bit shorter! Any tweet sent with a URL will be reduced to 118 characters, or 117 for https links. This was first… Read more »

Samsung vs Apple: War of the Ads

Apple show off their latest app capabilities after Samsung poked fun at brand Written by Kaye Neylon Apple have had a god-like complex regarding their brand identity for quite some time and lately that has been dented by arch nemesis, Samsung, who are hot on the heels of the iOS giant have recently held the… Read more »

Google Webmaster Shake Up Reporting… but don’t panic!

Google Panda 4.0

Panic scare for SEO Managers after sudden change in Google Webmaster Written by Kaye Neylon Last week reports were rife that Google had seen as increase in the number of links being reported via Google Webmaster as users began to see the link count drop. The main culprit was believed to have been a suspected… Read more »

What’s Your Social Persona?

Social Network Personality

What type of social networker are you? Written by Kaye Neylon If, like us, you spend the majority of your time pouring over Facebook and Twitter, then you can probably place friends and followers into various amusing categories based on their behavior. You know the types, there’s the vaguebooker, the humblebragger and the girl that… Read more »

Google Acquisition of SEO Giant

Google Acquire Channel Intelligence

Google Acquires SEO Giants Channel Intelligence For £78 Million Written by Kaye Neylon Search engine Google has splashed out a whopping £78 million (cash) to acquire SEO firm Channel Intelligence. The deal was made yesterday (Feb 6th) and is expected to be finalised before the end of March. Channel Intelligence made its name in the… Read more »

We Heard It Through the (grape) Vine

Twitter launch GIF app for iPhone

Twitter release new GIF app for iPhone owners. Written by Kaye Neylon Twitter has launched itself into the standalone app market following the release of its greatly anticipated Vine app onto iOS. Vine allows users to create six second videos in a GIF format and share with their friends via social networks. The app hopes… Read more »

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