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Online Marketing will never be the same again !

Online Marketing and Mobile Phones

Two seemingly unrelated stories have emerged this week which will have significant impact on the way businesses advertise across the internet. Both in their own way are great news for advertisers and when acted upon can significantly increase return on investment.Google to detect what TV show you are viewing when searching on the web?The first… Read more »

Category: Market trends and predictions

Your Guide to the new hybrid Social Media

As Manchester’s liveliest and wildest social media agency, we show you the new dawn of social media Written by Kaye Neylon Back in December we investigated the top social media performers of 2012 in our blog ‘The Social Media Class of 2012: Top of the Class’ and we made a few predictions to where we… Read more »

Category: Market trends and predictions

The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot

Neilsen Mobile Report 2013

New study reveals how customers use their mobile phones based on where they live Written by Kaye Neylon A new report entitled “The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot,” was launched globally today (you can read the report here). Research leaders Nielsen looked closely at consumer behavior, device preference and usage in 10 different countries, including… Read more »

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How Does Software Development Affect Mobile Marketers?

Mobile Software Development and Mobile Marketing

Now that there are so many mobile operating systems out there in the wild, mobile marketers have a tough job on their hands when building new apps. As great as software development is for both designers and users, how does this affect mobile marketers?What was once as simple as saying “iPhone” is now a much… Read more »

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How the Next Gen iPads Will Influence Mobile Marketing?

How iPads will influence mobile marketing?

When it comes to revolutionary gadgets, none have matched the iPad recently in terms of functionality, efficiency, style or sheer cool factor. SO what does this mean for the future of mobile marketing? The iPad has transformed everything from print media through to television and social media. And it has also heavily influenced the way… Read more »

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Mobile Marketing: Then and Now

Future Predictions of Mobile Marketing

In the past year, mobile marketing has exploded. The release of new smartphones, new games and apps and unique ways of shopping online has seen more and more consumers reaching for their phones when looking to buy products or use services. At Jungle we focus heavily on what is happening in the world of mobile…. Read more »

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Smartphone vs Tablet – Which Do Consumers Prefer and Why?

Smartphone vs Tablet

The smartphone and tablet war is on and it’s a war that looks set to rage for a long time to come. But which is better? In the words of a famous bespectacled entertainer, there’s only one way to find out! You only have to switch on the TV or open a magazine to see… Read more »

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QR Codes: Just a Passing Phase or an Essential Marketing Tool?

QR Codes as a Marketing Tool

QR (Quick Response) codes are popping up everywhere – on packaging, in shop windows and even on clothing. But what is a QR code and can it offer any benefit to your business? Let’s take a closer look. A QR code is essentially a barcode that can be read by a QR scanner, smartphones and… Read more »

Category: Market trends and predictions

September Smartphones – Mobile Marketing Overload

September is going to be a huge month for the mobile phone market. The big players are set to launch a number of new devices in the next few days and at Jungle Media we’re keep to see what these handsets can do and how they might affect our web marketing strategies. In New York… Read more »

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