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Google Removes Authorship Picture from its Search Pages.

Google Plus Authorship

Google has updated the way Authorship is displayed on the search engine result page. The change included the removal of authorship picture on the search engine result pages, and a smaller picture will be used on news pages.John Meuller Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google when referring to their ongoing efforts to clean up the visual… Read more »

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SEO and Social Media – How You Can Integrate The Two

What SEO benefits does Social Media have?

When it comes to SEO, new figures report that 50% of UK businesses do not know how to integrate their Social Media and SEO campaigns, here we show you how it’s done.Written by Kaye NeylonWhat SEO benefits does Social Media have?We could talk about this all day long but the put it into bullet points… Social… Read more »

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Social Media Marketing: A Short Survival Guide

Social Media Marketing Image

In your excitement to use social media in your business, you assigned someone to regularly post Facebook statuses, tweet, and upload pictures and articles about the latest updates in your business. But even if you have the most reliable Facebook enthusiast or a great Instagram photographer in your department, you simply can’t please others if… Read more »

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What is Facebook Graph Search and How Does it Work?

WHat is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook begins the UK roll out for its Graph Search feature, Jungle take a look at what exactly Graph Search is, how it works and how to protect your online privacy. Written by Kaye Neylon Graph Search – you’ve probably heard of it, but what is it exactly? Good question and one we’ve been asked… Read more »

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Is Your Business One of 3 Million on LinkedIn?

3 million businesses now on LinkedIn

If your business does not already have its own LinkedIn company profile, what are you waiting for? There are now more than 3 million companies connecting with over 225 million professionals on LinkedIn. Written by Kaye Neylon How does LinkedIn differ from other social platforms? Good question, and one which we are asked on a… Read more »

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Want to Grow Your Twitter Followers?

How can I increase my Twitter followers?

We know how frustrating it can be to attract new Twitter followers and keep them engaged while keeping your CEO happy about the numbers, so here’s a helpful guide!Written by Kaye NeylonIt’s all about Quality not Quantity!We can’t say this enough! It’s always great to see a high number of followers, but how many of… Read more »

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‘Tweet’ enters the Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary adds 'Tweet' as a word

The word ‘Tweet’ has officially become a real word after entering the Oxford English Dictionary. Written by Kaye Neylon It’s Tweeting official! The word “Tweet” (a social media term not to be confused with our feathered friends in the sky) is now officially a word. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, they have added tweet… Read more »

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Who uses Pinterest anyway and why is it important for marketers?

How do brands use Pinterest?

Pinteret’s focus on visuals makes it the ideal platform for retailers and lifestyle brands, but why is it so important? Written by Kaye Neylon Some of the world’s biggest and most popular brands adopt what has been nicknamed the “Pinning way of life” as they show the world their most eye-catching content to an engaged… Read more »

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Google+ Gets a Facelift

Google+ New Interface

If you’ve logged into your Google Plus account this morning, you may have noticed a new interface. We explore what new features Google have given social media fans. Written by Kaye Neylon Google Plus, Take Two Prior to the update, Google+ was at best crowded with the intention of appearing appealing to its users. Following… Read more »

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What is Facebook EdgeRank?

Facebook EdgeRank

96% of fans don’t return to a brand’s page after the initial engagement. It’s a shocking but very real fact in social marketing, but how can brands use this to their advantage? EdgeRank may just have the answer! Written by Kaye Neylon The Three Variables Facebook’s EdgeRank is created using algorithms which determine what appears… Read more »

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