Video Production

Video Production

Did you know that YouTube has over a billion users and that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every single year? Every wondered why 81% of businesses use video production as a primary marketing tool, or why this percentage has increased by a mammoth 63% from last year?

Have you ever considered just what a powerful marketing asset video production could be to your business?

If you want to add some emotional depth to your marketing, bolster your SEO campaign and communicate your brand message in a succinct and engaging way, you need to employ the services of a learned and astute video production company in Manchester. This is exactly what Jungle Marketing is.

Taking a cinematic approach to video production, we create professional, immersive videos that elevate your brand. Drawing on a wealth of experience and expansive creative and technical acumen, our video production agency will galvanise your brand marketing.

At Jungle we make the whole process very simple for our client. The information we need can be  gleaned from our initial briefing meeting and from the content on your website. We will write the script and develop the story board for you to approve. Jungle will then manage the whole production process through to providing a final draft version of the video for you to view.

The Six Stages of Video Marketing

In today’s hyper-competitive commercial market, reaching and influencing customers is a core measure of sustained commercial prosperity. The question is not how you do this, but how can you do this better than your competitors.

We will expertly craft a professional video that will act as a strong platform, allowing you to boost brand authority, elevate your search engine ranking – and ultimately increase your sales revenue.

Meticulously planning every project stage, from conception and storyboarding, creation and editing, our video production in Manchester service exudes a transparent and meticulous approach, focused on honing your brand message to ensure focused communication. What does this mean? Choose our video production and you’ll have a powerful marketing asset on your side.


We undertake comprehensive audience and competitor analysis, profiling viewer personas. This provides us with essential insight into content, purpose, nature and tone of your video. We take the time to decide your core message and make sure that your video educates, entertains, is purposeful and indicative or your brand.


Once we have diligently planned your video, our video production in Manchester service will write a video production brief. This will include your video objectives, how to appeal to your target audience, the core message you want to convey, and your budget and the project deadline.


At this stage, the spark of an idea or concept begins to take shape. This is where our technical and creative perspicacity really shine. Lot’s of potential ideas will have been whittled down to a single concept – one that conveys who you are, what you’re about and why customers should invest in you.

Using the storyboards, we will shoot necessary footage and compile any effects. This process is carefully managed stage-by-stage so that the production runs smoothly.

Example videos


Once the filming has been completed, the editing can begin. Our skilled editors will examine the footage and select only the most effective segments. Footage will be cut together according to the storyboard, making sure that your core message and the purpose of the video is focused and clear.


We then add any effects. From voiceovers to graphics, all effects are seamlessly blended into the fabric of the footage, extenuating all core messages and enhancing the overall value of the video.


The final stage we undertake is to set up the video metrics. Arguably, the most important aspect of video production, responsive and precise metrics allow you to track the success of the video. Factoring in view count, play rate, engagement, click-through rate, conversion rate and feedback, we help you to gain valuable insight into the performance of your video.

If your video is to be hosted on a paid video platform, like Wistia, you should be able to track the video’s performance using the platforms own analytics tool. However, if your video is to be hosted on YouTube, you’ll need to have a separate analytics tool. We can help you to understand the how your video is performing.

Why Choose Video Production at Jungle?

  • Achieve a professional video that meets your commercial objectives
  • Boost conversions and sales
  • Google loves videos
  • Share content across multiple social media platforms
  • Reach a bigger audience of potential customers
  • Build brand authority and authenticity
  • Achieve a favourable ROI
  • More engaging than static website content

What’s Included in Our Video Production Service

  • Well thought-out video strategy
  • A professional video tailored to your specific purpose
  • The foremost video equipment and editing software
  • Unique content that reflects your brand ethos
  • Social media promotion and distribution
  • Comprehensive ongoing technical support

For more information about our video production service and the results that Jungle can swing for your business use the contact form below to speak to our team.

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