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Jungle are a social media agency that have been pioneering earned media campaigns for years, tapping into some 845 million Facebook users and 200 million Twitter users just for starters. But, even though we’re Social Media animals by nature, for social to make it into our strategy, we have to be 100% convinced that it’s the best method for delivering your business objectives. You’ll never hear us banging on about the need to just start tweeting or pinning – it has to be done for the right reasons, or not at all.

Where earned media exposure comes into its own

Facebook is a unique way of conversing with your customers that can lead to a deeper engagement with your brand and increase the chances of them telling their friends about you. Did you know that more than 200 million active users access Facebook through their mobile device or Smartphone?

Twitter is a great way to point people to new or interesting content and to react to very topical or fast breaking news – just don’t use it to tell people what you’re having for dinner!

LinkedIn is still considered to be the most appropriate place for B2B networking to take place (even if the recruiters have taken over.)

Flickr can help people and businesses share photos and video images.

You Tube provides online access to any video or TV content you submit and is now the Internet’s second largest search engine after Google.

Pinterest is a pinboard-styled photo sharing site that offers a new way to get your product seen by interested users.

Look who’s talking

Jungle has no end of creative and commercial strategies to find out who is talking about your product online, then assess and enhance your reputation within the earned media world. Of course, that’s just half of the story – we can also help you expand your target audience and reach a whole new group of people to engage in conversation.

Why choose to invest in a social media agency?

  • It allows you to do market research without having to lift a finger. You can eavesdrop on your customers’ thoughts, and take them into account when designing products in the future.
  • It allows you to interact, and to engage with your customers, finding new ways to expand your target audience, and asking them how they would improve your products.
  • It forms part of your customer service, by supporting users with questions, queries and complaints, in a public forum.
  • It helps you manage your reputation. If your company is seen actively solving problems through its social media outlets, customers will talk about that and react in a positive way. Making them more likely to recommend your products and buy them again in the future.
  • By engaging Jungle as your Social Media agency we will ensure that our Social Media efforts enhance your SEO performance.
For more information on engaging Jungle as your Social Media agency and the results that Jungle can swing for your business, download our Social Media Survival Guide. or contact the team using the form below.

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