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What is SEO?

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful internet marketing technique that effectively drives more traffic to your website by improving its visibility in search engines such as Google.

Jungle are an SEO agency who believes that if you’re not appearing in the top five search results for the word or phrase you want people to find you by, your SEO efforts aren’t up to scratch. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help put that right!

Did you know search engines now take into account over 200 different criteria when judging how to rank your website? At Jungle, we see more and more weight being given to things like site design and navigation, the frequency at which the site is updated and the amount the site is shared on social media network.

The importance placed on individual factors changes weekly. That’s why, when you choose Jungle as your SEO agency and online marketing specialist, a key aspect of our service is regular monthly reporting with in‑depth analysis and bold, imaginative, commercially savvy recommendations.

Jungle approach to SEO

Detailed keyword research
We’re experts at defining the words or phrases that your business is most likely to be found for.  As well as your brand name, these may include words that describe your product or service, reviews of your company or industry related terms.

We’ll also conduct a forensic analysis of your competition, identifying what works for them, and what doesn’t.

On-site optimisation
We’ll constantly monitor your website, making subtle tweaks to make it easier for search engines to find and index your pages and content.  This can involve: the re-writing of page titles; the way you describe your pages (meta data); creating new pages that contain sensible amounts and relevant mentions of your keywords. 

Most major brands now regard good on-site optimisation as imperative, but we remain surprised by the number of clients who can benefit from quick wins in this area.

Build backlinks
Search engines count the number and quality of links to your website from other sites and assume your site is an authority on this basis. Jungle will formulate an innovative strategy for building reputable backlinks for your site, often working closely with PR and social media functions to do this.

We also have an in-house video production service, which plays an ever important role as You Tube continues to grow as a search engine in its own right.

Why choose to invest in Jungle as an SEO agency?

  • Unsurpassed method in driving targeted, qualified traffic to your site
  • Very cost effective in relation to other online channels (although do remember that you’ll need to dedicate some time to maintaining it)
  • Traffic volumes can be easily predicted and measured
  • Allows challenger brands to compete with larger competitors
  • Established method for building brand awareness, although preferably as part of a wider integrated campaign
  • Allows for national and global reach

What’s included in our SEO services?

  • Keyword research that truly gets under the skin of your target audience
  • Insightful and creative on-site optimisation
  • Backlink generation – volume and quality
  • Content creation including in-house video production
  • Regular monthly reporting with analysis and recommendations
  • Domain name availability monitoring
  • Testing and refinement of website pages
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