What’s Your Social Persona?

News | 7th Feb

What type of social networker are you?

Written by Kaye Neylon

If, like us, you spend the majority of your time pouring over Facebook and Twitter, then you can probably place friends and followers into various amusing categories based on their behavior.

You know the types, there’s the vaguebooker, the humblebragger and the girl that won’t stop talking about politics (better than talking about her latest relationships woes we suppose!) And there’s always one who spoils the latest juicy plot in your favorite TV show.

According to a social behavior study conducted by the folks over at MyLife, 890 adults aged 18 and older took part and there’s a strong chance you (yes you!) fit into one of the above personas. In fact, if you’re a young parent, there’s a 88% chance you are posting pictures of your kids or talking about parenting at least three times a month. 25% of users are “vaguebooking” by posting intentionally vague updates which encourage people to react and inquire for more details aka gossip!

This rather interesting infographic explains everything, so stop what you’re doing and take a couple of moments to find out which social network persona you have.

The social network persona infographic

What’s your social network persona? Leave us a comment in the box below or tweet us @Jungle_Drums


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