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Estate Agents hit by ISP routing problems to Dezrez.

Hundreds of independent Estate Agents are unable to display houses for sale on their websites today, due to problems with ISP routing access to Dezrez software.Dezrez property management company is popular with most independent estate agents in the UK.The problem, which seems to have begun in the early hours was still causing blank screens on… Read more »

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SEO and Social Media – How You Can Integrate The Two

What SEO benefits does Social Media have?

When it comes to SEO, new figures report that 50% of UK businesses do not know how to integrate their Social Media and SEO campaigns, here we show you how it’s done.Written by Kaye NeylonWhat SEO benefits does Social Media have?We could talk about this all day long but the put it into bullet points… Social… Read more »

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New Bing Ads PPC Location Report now Shows what triggers the Ads.

Bing Ads PPC Logo

The new service from Bing Ads Pay Per Click (PPC), released on May 21 2014, is an update to its Geo Location Report service.The two new columns in the latest version are one headed Location Type, which shows whether the location of the user is a physical location or a location of interest; and one… Read more »

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Surefire Ways to Standout from your Web Competitors

In this world where everyone seems to be looking for a magic bullet that will boost both sales and website traffic, what if we told you that all you need to do to start performing better is to step it up? There’ll be no guessing, or asking the Magic 8 ball, just some straightforward and… Read more »

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Incorporating Video in your Content Strategy

Videos may well be the best element that you can incorporate video in your content strategy. After all, many people prefer to watch entertaining clips than read lengthy articles. Videos are also popular on social media networks, giving you the chance to maximise your exposure and your online presence.Video marketing is convenient due to several… Read more »

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Want to Grow Your Twitter Followers?

How can I increase my Twitter followers?

We know how frustrating it can be to attract new Twitter followers and keep them engaged while keeping your CEO happy about the numbers, so here’s a helpful guide!Written by Kaye NeylonIt’s all about Quality not Quantity!We can’t say this enough! It’s always great to see a high number of followers, but how many of… Read more »

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7 simple ways to sharpen up your content

Content that has the “oomph” factor!

Content that has the “oomph” factor! Written by Kaye Neylon These are the tips that copywriters swear by and now we’re sharing them with you. Whether you’re putting together a blog, getting social with the networks or developing that content-marketing campaign that will give your brand the digital boost it craves, content that hits your… Read more »

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8 Top Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed

Just like the Magic 8-ball, today is your lucky day as we show you our top tips to improve your blog.

You don’t need a Magic 8-ball to get your blog noticed, Jungle has the answers! Written by Kaye Neylon It was reported by Hubspot recently that companies who blog 15 or more times per month (we’re not bragging but we manage 20, at least!) get 5X more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all… Read more »

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How To Improve Your Blog Bounce Rate

All bloggers work hard to drive more traffic to their site and to get people to come back often. Realistically, driving traffic to your site isn’t that difficult – simply write some good quality posts and you’ll start to see traffic trickle to your site. But how do you turn that trickle into a flood… Read more »

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Don’t Forget to Include Your Images in SEO

Don't forget image content

One of the most overlooked aspects of SEO is images. There are many websites with hundreds of images across the site and it’s actually quite easy to apply a few SEO principles to them. When thinking about SEO you need to look at all the elements of your site that can tap into this technology…. Read more »

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