Track Your Pins with new Pinterest Web Analytics

News | 13th Mar

Pinterest release web analytic tool

Written by Kaye Neylon

The world’s most popular image board, Pinterest, has this week unveiled a web analytics tool, which will allow users to track the number of clicks through to their website each pin is providing.

The new tool will help businesses and social media agency and marketers alike to discover how many people have pinned from a page, the number of views each pin has had and how many users have clicked through to a website from a pin.

Did Someone Say ‘Free’?

There’s one requirement to access the web analytics for free, you must be a company with a verified website. There’s been rumours that Pinterest may also produce another new feature giving users suggestions based on what has already been pinned on a board.

There’s also talk of Pinterest looking at a potential advertising system too.

Pinterest introduced its new web-based analytics tool yesterday morning and so far the response has been incredibly positive. Essentially what the (free) tool allows you to do is track the number of ‘pinners’ and the number of repinners and repins your initial pins have received.

You can also track the total number of impressions and reach on the Pinterest network, not to mention referral traffic, both in clicks and unique visitors, sent back to your site!

Phew! It’s almost exhausting naming the number of benefits to the Pinterest web analytics!

A Motivator to be Reckoned With

Although free, the analytics are basic (in comparison to the likes of Google Analytics), still, it could prove a powerful motivator to businesses who have never examined their site’s engagement on Pinterest and want to make adjustments.

Has your business jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon? Will you be using the web analytics tool to see how Pinterest is helping traffic to your site? Let us know in the comments box below!


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