The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot

New study reveals how customers use their mobile phones based on where they live

Written by Kaye Neylon

A new report entitled “The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot,” was launched globally today (you can read the report here). Research leaders Nielsen looked closely at consumer behavior, device preference and usage in 10 different countries, including the U.S., UK, Australia, China, India and South Korea.

Within the report, Nielsen concluded that mobile phone usage (not to be confused with mobile devices) differs significantly by market and demographic groups as well as where the user lives.

Some of the reports key facts include:

Those mobile consumers based in developed markets such as those listed below prefer to use smartphones:

  • South Korea (67%)
  • Australia (65%)
  • UK (61%)
  • However, basic mobile devices are more commonly used in:

  • India (80%)
  • Turkey (61%)
  • Russia (51%)
  • One of the more surprising finds from the report were the sluggish popularity of more mid-range multimedia phones, which have more capabilities than basic phones but less than smartphones. These mid-range devices count for less than 10% usage in most countries (Brazil boasts the highest percentage of multimedia-phone users among those examined in Neilsen’s report with 21% preferring such devices).

    The above statistics were captured in an infographic to illustrate the figures.

    The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot

    Nielsen also dug a little deeper and disclosed what apps smartphone users like to download and use as well as how often. The data surrounding apps for smartphone users and the types of apps used most often differed greatly between countries (though the general consensus is that we all like to play games and social networking).

    Nielsen Report Image 2

    Americans like to consult with apps such as maps and browse social networks, while our Chinese counterparts enjoy playing games and are more likely to access news apps and weather updates on their mobile devices.

    Mobile phones have reached a whole new global entity, serving as constant companions for consumers regardless of demographics or geography. But how brand and marketers engage with mobile devices and content varies depending on who and where you are. Nielsen’s report comes as a time when understanding the differences among mobile consumers around the world is critical for brands and marketers who are looking to implement mobile strategies in multiple markets.

    What do you think of Nielsen’s report results? Do you think they reflect the way you use your mobile phone? Tell us in the comments box below!


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