PPC Services (Pay Per Click)

PPC is a digital marketing term used to describe the activity of advertising your site on other websites or on search engines and paying the host company each time someone clicks on your advert.

At Jungle we have the management of a good PPC campaign down to a fine art. As part of our PPC services we constantly monitor the cost of your Pay Per Click campaign and use our extensive industry knowledge plus sophisticated marketing tools to analyse what encourages more visitors to your website – the position you’re achieving, the wording of your ad, the relevancy of your landing page, the time of day and any other number of influencing factors.

How does PPC work?

PPC follows many similar principles to SEO.  The aim is to appear at the top of the paid search results (the results shown down the right hand side of the screen) each time an internet surfer enters a search term that you have placed a bid on.

Whilst it used to be the case that you simply bid more than your competitors to appear at the top of the results listings, Google and the other search engines are now more sophisticated and take into account around 30 factors to determine where your advert should be placed.  The price you are prepared to pay for the click does still matter, but only if your ad is relevant, you have a quality landing page and your website is easily navigable.

How do I work out how much to bid?

We use clever online technology to help you work out exactly how much each click to your page is worth by looking at average conversion statistics. We produce in-depth reports that make it easy to see your profit margins for each PPC search term and identify which are the most successful and cost-effective.

Which terms should I bid on?

We’ll help you generate a list of terms that will increase your brand awareness and boost your sales.  We’ll do this by working with your internal teams to generate a comprehensive list of terms that we believe will cover the market/industry or product you are promoting, as well as conducting external research, reviewing your competition and adding a good dose of creative and commercial thinking.

How does PPC work with SEO?

We believe PPC can plug the gaps that SEO can’t fill. SEO will help improve your search engine rankings and drive traffic but is a long term strategy and can’t cost effectively target every single search term used by Internet surfers. PPC works in tandem with SEO by being able to quickly target more niche search terms in response to the changing needs of your business.

Why choose to invest in our PPC services?

  • Ability to reach potential customers for search terms you’re not ranked highly for organically.
  • Ability to track a surfer’s movements once they have clicked onto your site, and work out whether that person’s click is converting into a sale (or indeed, where they are falling out of your sales funnel so you can fix it.)
  • Simple to work out how much your traffic is worth to you and how much you can afford to bid on a search term.
  • Ability to appear at the top of the search results almost immediately with a well-structured campaign.
  • Increase your search engine presence, increase the amount of targeted traffic you receive and take a paid search spot away from your competitors by bidding on search terms that you are already ranked highly for organically.

What’s included in our PPC services

  • Full campaign management
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reporting including analysis and recommendations
  • Keyword research
  • Advertising copywriting
For more information on PPC and the results Jungle can swing for your business, download our PPC Survival Guide alternatively use the contact form below to speak to our team.

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