Google Webmaster Shake Up Reporting… but don’t panic!

News | 11th Feb

Panic scare for SEO Managers after sudden change in Google Webmaster

Written by Kaye Neylon

Last week reports were rife that Google had seen as increase in the number of links being reported via Google Webmaster as users began to see the link count drop. The main culprit was believed to have been a suspected Google data display issue which affected some home page links.

John Mueller, a Google employee took time out from his vacation to respond to worried Webmaster users who were concerned about the data shift:

“This looks like an issue with how the data is displayed in Webmaster Tools, it shouldn’t affect your site’s crawling, indexing or ranking. I don’t have any specifics at the moment, but the team is looking into the details to see what we can do here. Thanks for your patience & sorry for the confusion!

The status today is this: Webmaster users shouldn’t worry as the data shift from Google has been addressed and hopes to be resolved as soon as possible. Normal data will soon be showing once again and the current data displayed within Webmaster does not affect your site’s ranking or indexing.

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