World Book Day… but will books survive the digital age?

News | 7th Mar

As we celebrate ‘World Book Day’, Jungle finds out if there’s still a future for books

Written by Kaye Neylon

It’s one of the hottest debates at the minute but have you chosen your side? If not, choose carefully!

Kindle VS Books?

To Kindle or not to Kindle? this question has caused a huge riff between the book lovers and their technological counterparts for the past two years and there’s little sign of the pair making up and calling it quits any time soon.

March 7th marks a very special day for book readers around the world, World Book Day, and today it’s gone viral! Trending in the United Kingdom on Twitter since the early hours of this morning, World Book Day 2013 looks set to be the most popular yet.

World Book Day Trend

In the last quarter of 2012, Kindle e-book sales surpassed that of print sales on Amazon for the first time ever. And it’s easy to see the attraction of the Kindle, it’s lightweight, holds hundreds of your favourite books and can be read in any weather condition with its anti-glare screen.

Which begs the question, are book lovers a dying breed? In what has been dubbed by some as a technology obsessed age, is the movie-style dream of cosying up on a cold winters night with a book over?

Leave your comments in the box below and let’s find out what you all prefer, books or Kindles?


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