How to construct the perfect tweet

Social media | 6th Mar

The blueprint of a tweet

Written by Kaye Neylon

Here at Jungle we like to think of ourselves as pretty up to date with the latest social media goings-on and Twitter is our specialty (and personal favourite).

Over the past several weeks we have written various articles and blogs guiding you lot of budding tweeters on how to construct a gleaming digital presence, you may have read our most popular article ‘How Many Tweets Does It Take To Trend?’

Gerry Moran, social media strategist at came up with this pretty nifty blueprint of what makes the perfect tweet and we at Jungle concur that Gerry’s design is flawless!

How to construct the perfect tweet

The key metrics into building the perfect Tweet are…

  • Formatation:
  • No we’re not talking about the 4-1-1 but the way you incorporate headlines, facts and questions to encourage RT’s and clicks!

  • Call to action:
  • Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do – some call this bossy but in the industry we call this a ‘CTA’

  • The Tweet:
  • We may be about to remind you of your high school English teacher but good grammar and punctuation go a long way. And don’t forget to avoid using all caps because it looks like you’re SHOUTING and your followers won’t care too much for this!

  • Tonality:
  • Be yourself, sounds cliche but it really works! If readers feel like they’re conversing with a human and not a tweet-bot they’re more likely to RT and interact with your tweets. Be professional but always put personality into what you’re saying. If you’re unsure, gets someone (Jungle can do it for you) to review your tweeting style.

  • Mentions (@’s) and RT’s:
  • This is used to call out to a particular tweeter e.g. @Jungle_Drums and adding your own unique tweet to that person or people.

  • Links:
  • Shorten your URL’s with which allows you to generate, shorten and track your links and they tend to generate the most RT’s!

  • Hashtags:
  • Two years ago no one ever really used the ‘#’ symbol, it was usually accidentally knocked when going for the ‘Enter’ tab, but in 2013 it has to be the most popular word in social media terminology! We advise using 1 or 2 hashtags within your tweet to further your tweet’s reach among non-followers.

  • RT Space:
  • Leave space of about 20 character for RT’s and retweeters to add additional comments and be sure to thank each retweeter, after all it is twitt-etiquette!

    So there you have it folks! Now put this lesson into practice and drop us a tweet at @Jungle_Drums to show us your fancy new tweet skills.


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