Web Design and Build

The importance of professional website design and build. Did you know that 88% of visitors choose not to return to a website following a single poor user experience? Are you aware that visitors invest just 5-7 seconds before deciding if they want to browse your website?

How confident are you that your website achieves its objectives?

If you want to influence visitors, increase website conversion rates and inflate your customer base you need to have a stellar website – one that reflects your brand ethos and cultivates an enticing and intuitive user-experience. This is precisely what Jungle Marketing’s web developers in Manchester help you to achieve.

From that initial wow moment when visitors land on your website to those finer details that bolster click-through rates and immerse visitors in a bespoke branded experience, our team has the expertise to design and build a tailored website that meets your commercial objectives.   

Our creative vision and technical acumen are backed by continued data-driven analysis. We provide a full-suite of website design and development services, including an evolving iteration service – meaning that our website design agency will design and build a site that evolves as your business does.

The Six Stages of a Website Design and Build project

Installing customer confidence from the outset, our website development process combines immersive and responsive visual design brainstorming with meticulous qualitative and quantitative research.

As adept in building B2B and B2C ecommerce sites as we are developing database sites with a login function, we promote a transparent approach throughout the entire process. This is exemplified by our six stages of development.


Web Research

We conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis generating visitor profile personas. This allows us to gain valuable insight into what the purpose, nature and tone of your website design should be. We’ll also complete a full review of your existing website, allowing us to gain insight into how visitors engage and navigate your existing online presence.  


Website Planning

Once we have conducted thorough research, we can generate technical specifications, briefs and project schedules. We’ll produce sitemaps, user journey flowcharts, wireframes and prototype interactive features. Proposed navigational elements will be tested as will design elements, honing the visitor journey through clear actions.


Web Design

At this stage our website developers in Manchester will flex their creative and technical know-how. Using our wireframes as a guide, we brainstorm how your website will be appeal to visitors, focusing on visual elements, interaction and user experience, animation and – of course – the copy. It’s the subtlety in these details that elevates a sound website to an exemplary one.


Web Development

We adopt a diligent stage-by-stage build process. Building from the back-end, we keep user-experience at the forefront of our mind. All developers employed at Jungle website design agency are proficient are proficient in staple CMS platforms, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

Once your website has been built, we meticulously test the final build, tweaking elements and applying bug fixes until it’s rolled out.


Web hosting

We also provide reliable hosting services. You will be treated to confident technical support to ensure all technical glitches are resolved immediately, ongoing SEO support, optimal security and data recovery and a unique domain name and email account.


Website Support

Our support doesn’t stop on the day that your site is rolled out. From identifying patterns in user behaviour through heatmapping to enhancing the site as new technologies become available, the commitment of our web developers to you is ongoing. This allows you to maximise the efficiency of your website across numerous iterations and a prolonged period.  

So, whether you require a brochure website for a simple online presence, a multi-vendor dynamic ecommerce website, a static portal website or a wiki or social media website to encourage collaboration or interaction with online parties, rest-assured Jungle Marketing has the acumen and experience to help you. 

Why Choose Jungle to Design and Build Your Website?

  • Achieve a bespoke website tailored to your business and purposes
  • Build brand authority and authenticity
  • Grow your business
  • Invest in your professional future in a cost-effective way
  • Reach and influence more customers than ever before
  • Benefit from a data-driven approach combined with inspirational creativity and technical know-how
  • Achieve a bespoke, responsive website that won’t just pique attention but demand it
  • A website delivered on-time, to full brief and budget

What’s Included in Our Website Design and Build Services

  • Professional analysis of you and your competitor’s online performance
  • Visually-inspiring aesthetic
  • Unique content, tailored to your commercial ethos
  • Mobile-friendly functionality
  • Social media integration
  • Full access to the CMS (allowing you to view and manage your website’s content)
  • Comprehensive ongoing technical support

For more information about our web design and build services and the results that Jungle can swing for your business, use the contact form below to speak to our team.

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