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Written by Kaye Neylon

Back in December we investigated the top social media performers of 2012 in our blog ‘The Social Media Class of 2012: Top of the Class’ and we made a few predictions to where we thought the direction of social media was headed… and we were right!

The last quarter of 2012 was filled with rumours of Myspace making its comeback and it did… kind of. The extent of the so-called “come back” went as far as an over the top launch party hosted by Justin Timberlake. The dramatically redesigned former king of social networks, Myspace, spent the few months of its second-coming as an ‘invitation only’ network. The result being that the flockers did not flock, instead opting to stay with Facebook.

The once-dominant social media giant was bought in 2011 by a little UK based digital marketing agency called Specific Media, with a large investment from Timberlake.

The brain child behind the freshly designed Myspace were hoping to lure users away from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Spotify and they knew this would not be an easy task. So they combined the two, voila! The Myspace you see before today is the result of Timberlake and digital marketing agency – Specific Media putting their heads togther and finding a way to forge their path so social media success.

But how exactly are social media agencies supposed to use Myspace to reach their audience and convert that audience into customers and brand loyalists?

The fresh Myspace design has gone to great lengths to differentiate itself from the likes of social media giants Facebook and Twitter. The nice touches such as the horizontal navigation offers a fresh perspective and if fully functional, not a glitch in site! (Jungle did this first last summer, but we’re not one to brag!) and the content stream has taken inspiration from Pinterest, giving Myspace a ‘premium’ feel.

As it currently stands, there is some hot competition from Myspace but Facebook shouldn’t be quivering in their boots for a while…

Does your brand use Myspace? If so, how do you utilise the platform to reach and engage with your target demographic? Leave your comments in the box below!


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