7 simple ways to sharpen up your content

Top tips | 5th Mar

Content that has the “oomph” factor!

Written by Kaye Neylon

These are the tips that copywriters swear by and now we’re sharing them with you. Whether you’re putting together a blog, getting social with the networks or developing that content-marketing campaign that will give your brand the digital boost it craves, content that hits your audience right where you want it to is crucial for conversion.

‘But how can we achieve it?’ I hear you all say, well get your pen and paper ready because this is the Jungle guide to sharpening up your content and watching it spring into action!

More often than not, the idea of your content is better than the execution. The problem doesn’t lay with what you’re saying, but the way you’re saying it. If you want to freshen up your content to drive interest, brand engagement and sharing of the social kind then you may want to take note.

Keep it punchy

You should aiming for three sentences which is the optimum length for an online paragraph. The first sentence is what sets up your idea, the second develops it and the third drives home the proof of your first two points. You can see how we’ve used this technique throughout this post.

Encourage skim-reading (yes, really!)

You may not have considered this before but this technique really works. Your paragraphs may be delivered in a ‘punchy’ manner, but people might still skim-read them. We understand you want your audience to read every sentence, hanging on to your every word but if they do skim-read your content then make sure your message still gets through!

Use informative headings that summarise what you’re saying (as we have done in this and every one of our other posts). Ideally, the reader should be able to get the broad sense of your perspective from the headings alone.

Shoot from the hip and get straight to the point

A content faux-pas is that a lot of posts and blogs take so long to kick into action that the reader has already bailed and abandoned all hope of you ever making a real point (harsh but still very true). So if you’re feeling frustrated with your first draft, try deleting the first section and try again.

The effect is dramatic and you’ll rarely go back to your original point!

Talk to them

To make your text evoke thought and feeling from the reader try involving them and address them as ‘you’. This post could very well have been about ‘the writer’ or writers generally but by making it about ‘you’ (and it is about you, yes you, we’re making you feel you have a part in what we’re saying.

Keep it real

No we’re not asking you all to don gold chains and wear your pants round your bottoms, we’re talking about abstract vocabulary and concepts, like the ones we’ve put in this sentence. Make your content vivid, breathe some personality into each word and incorporate colourful word-pictures.

Remember, us humans are very visual creatures so use the above and make it easy for your readers to see what you mean. Use sensory-rich language (richly descriptive, and appeals to the senses) to help people grasp your meaning and hear what you’re saying.

Write like you talk

We at Jungle are a big fan of this and for those of you who have been reading the news articles and blog posts for the last six month have actually been reading the words of Kaye Neylon, and I can promise you that my personality always goes into my words on-screen! When you use formal language patterns, it’s unlikely your reader’s don’t feel warmly connected to what it is you’re trying to communicate.

But by using words like ‘I’m’, ‘it’s’, and ‘you’re’, it’s a lot easier for you to feel we’re getting along. So to summarise, to engage, be conversational!

Be active, not passive

Use active language, like this, and your words feel immediate and engaging. Avoid the passive voice and take the direct route to meaning.

Content can only have an impact if it’s created and displayed effectively across your website, for more information contact our team who’ll be more than happy to offer you some guidance.


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