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How Google+ Competes with Facebook and Twitter

Google+ for SEO

Google+ is here and is growing in popularity with both personal and business users. But how does the service compete and compare with Facebook and Twitter? It was only a matter of time before Google jumped on the social bandwagon and their Google+ services seem to be causing quite a stir. Google+ offers a range… Read more »

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Google+ 101

A Beginners Guide to Google+

Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. These are Just some of the features you’ll find in Google+ – Google’s social media offering. Google+ is quite similar to Facebook in design and functionality. The premise is the same too. You find contacts that you want to connect with and share your photos, likes and life experiences with them…. Read more »

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Movember and Social Media: A Social Media Match in Tache Heaven

Movember has produced huge results for the men’s cancer awareness charity, but how did they wield the social media sword and cut through to their audience and raise awareness? Most companies when running a major social media campaign seek reassurance that their campaign is bringing them a good return on investment. But how do charities… Read more »

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What Organisations Can Learn From Charities Using Social Media

How charities can utilize social media

If you want to communicate with lots of people at once you need to use a systematic approach. For charities it’s all about winning over supporters. For businesses it’s all about attracting customers. Charities have it a little harder than businesses as they are not selling a product or service but increasing awareness about a… Read more »

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How Charities Use Social Media

Social media is all about sharing human experiences, conversations, photos, videos and interests. But how can it work for charitable causes? Social media shouldn’t be viewed as a broadcast channel but more as an engagement channel for when you have a message you want people to share and discuss. Both Social media agency and internet marketing agency… Read more »

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Social Media: A Brief History

A Brief History of Social Media

It’s hard to think back to a time when social media didn’t exist. What ever did we do with our free time? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are some of the fastest growing technologies the world has ever seen, and we have been so keen to embrace them. But how and… Read more »

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The Best Social Media Outlets for PPC

Social Media and PPC

Social media advertising has become a very valuable online marketing solution, but what platform is right for your PPC campaign? With millions of people interacting daily over social media and more effective methods of targeting leads, it pays to focus some of your PPC efforts at social media. But which are the most effective and… Read more »

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Google’s New Project Glass – Could This Be The Future of Online Browsing?

Google's Project Glass

Google has officially announced its Project Glass concept. The innovative design allows people to interact with online users, friends and family members in a way that’s only even been seen in a Hollywood Blockbuster. But will this idea catch on? If you haven’t heard of Project Glass before, imagine a pair of glasses that allow… Read more »

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Google Gets Spooky With Halloween Theme Doodle

Google Halloween Doodle

It’s Halloween time once again and the ghastly ghouls will be out in full force tonight as trick or Treat takes over streets up and down the country. Google’s decided to celebrate this festivity with an extra spooky Google Doodle The interactive Doodle is a treat for site visitors as it allows you to explore… Read more »

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Trending and How It Can Help Your Website Grow

How to get your website tredning

What’s trending everybody? This is the new term that many websites and media channels are touting about, but what does it all mean? Essentially trending relates to what is popular with the general public right now. More often than not, it’s a time limited fad that will have its day and then fall into oblivion…. Read more »

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