Trending and How It Can Help Your Website Grow

Social media | 23rd Oct

What’s trending everybody? This is the new term that many websites and media channels are touting about, but what does it all mean?

Essentially trending relates to what is popular with the general public right now. More often than not, it’s a time limited fad that will have its day and then fall into oblivion. We’re hoping that Jedward topple off of their trending perch very soon!

A website can trend, a Facebook page can trend, a celebrity pic can trend. If it can be viewed or accessed online, it can trend! When it comes to SEO, trending can be very beneficial to business. When you post a video, a blog post, a Facebook update, a tweet or an activity and it becomes popular, you start trending. How long you stay trending is up to the general public to decide.

Let’s take Facebook for example. You might already have a long list of Facebook friends who are avid fans of your products or service. If you have something really exciting to tell them or you are launching a fantastic competition you may find your page gets liked and shared a lot more than normal. This is when you start trending. How big that trending becomes usually depends on how big you are already and what you have to offer your likers.

A great way to trend is to link your posts and status updates with what is already trending. Monitor Facebook for what is in the news, what is popular and what people are sharing. Let your Facebook community do the hard work for you by tapping into what they are liking right now and try to find ways to link these trends to your business. For example, if you run a hairdressing salon and a celebrity sports an exciting new style, you might want to offer discounts on that style in your salon.

Trending is all about tapping into information you can constantly adjust. This might be your blog, Twitter feed or Facebook page. Use plug-ins on your website such as tag clouds and trend feeds. Update your social media and pages with what’s hot and get your site boosted in the search engine results pages.

At Jungle Media we specialise in trending and keeping up with what is hot and what is not. Not only can we design your website, but we can provide content for all of your campaigns and provide outstanding SEO services that will get your website noticed and trending with the best of them.

Speak to us today to find out how we can make you the next hot potato!


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