The Best Social Media Outlets for PPC

Social media | 23rd Nov

Social media advertising has become a very valuable online marketing solution, but what platform is right for your PPC campaign?

With millions of people interacting daily over social media and more effective methods of targeting leads, it pays to focus some of your PPC efforts at social media. But which are the most effective and which will suit the way you do business?

  • Facebook Ads
  • With over 800 million users, it’s easy to see why many marketers choose Facebook for their PPC campaigns. You can’t use Facebook these days without targeted ads appearing in your sidebar. And every time you click on one of those ads somebody somewhere gets charged.

    However, the fact that you did click proves that the ad served its purpose and attracted your attention.

    Thousands of brands are currently using Facebook to gain more exposure. Facebook advertising can drive more search engine traffic your way and also give you more visibility generally.

    It can also help to increase the amount of referral traffic you receive on your website. Facebook ads are also very easy to set up, monitor and control and also allow you to manage your budget effectively.

  • YouTube Ads
  • It was only a matter of time before YouTube jumped on the advertising bandwagon. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the UK. You cannot ignore the power of video or the service that YouTube provides.

    Viral videos, music videos and personal videos bring millions of people to the YouTube website every day so it makes a lot of sense to advertise here.

    Advertising on YouTube shows how social media marketing and search marketing can work together harmoniously. The benefits include using social marketing to drive more direct sales. Video adverts can be targeted to play on content that is relevant to the client and that gives you more marketing power.

    If content is relevant to the client they are more likely to want to find out more. Brand awareness is everything when marketing online.

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn ads work slightly differently to other social media advertising. It is recommended that you use LinkedIn for B2B advertising rather than to attract shopping customers. Ads on LinkedIn can be targeted and geo-targeted ensuring that your ads reach your target audience effectively.

    If you are looking to improve lead generation, brand awareness or need to advertise job vacancies, LinkedIn is the best way to it.

    Using PPC campaigns to build brand awareness can boost your search engine exposure and also expose your brand to those who might not normally be exposed to it.

    We’d be delighted to tell you more about how PPC and social media are the perfect partnership and how you could reach out to wider and more receptive auience.

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