Movember and Social Media: A Social Media Match in Tache Heaven

Social media | 12th Dec

Movember has produced huge results for the men’s cancer awareness charity, but how did they wield the social media sword and cut through to their audience and raise awareness?

Most companies when running a major social media campaign seek reassurance that their campaign is bringing them a good return on investment. But how do charities ensure they reach as many people as possible in order to hit donation targets?

Movember is a great case in point about how social media can be used to highlight a cause, have some fun and get those donations pouring in. But could social media also hinder Movember and cause it to lose its message?

Social media is at the core of Movember. The Movember website itself allows every ‘Mo Bro’ to create their own profile and to create an interactive space where photos, diary entries and comments can be left. Movember runs on the social media platform Promoveo – a platform used by researchers and scientists to share research and data regarding men’s health issues.

However, it’s Movember’s dominance of Facebook and Twitter that has caused the most publicity.

Facebook and Twitter have been key in spreading the Movember message, but a like or tweet unfortunately does not generate any money for the charity. But posting a link directly to a Movember profile does and this has been a great way of raising donations and awareness at the same time. And it’s not just individuals taking part in Movember.

Movember has been huge for businesses too. Corporate Movember teams have been formed all over the world with results of their efforts posted on their company websites. Taking part in a charity event can only be positive for a company’s corporate and public image.

So why has Movember been more successful this year? Well, it’s all to do with reach and using the primary function of Facebook and Twitter – the sharing of personal experiences. Mo-communities have popped up everywhere uniting ‘Mo Bros’ in their efforts to raise money and awareness for this worthwhile cause.

Movember has been a huge success in terms of reaching millions of people worldwide and getting more exposure and that really is the ultimate goal for charities. Once interest has been built a charity can start to think of new ways to ignite interest and attract donations and sponsorship.

Social media has given Movember some solid foundations and you can bet that next year the charity will come back stronger and with a huge following. Not only has awareness been positive for the charity itself but awareness of men’s health issues could help to diagnose problems earlier resulting in fewer deaths.

The Movember campaign shows just how strong social media can be for charities and businesses alike.

If you would like to tap into the power of Facebook, Twitter or any of the social media platforms we would be delighted to help you.

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