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7 Tips for Launching Successful Social Media Campaigns

Reaching your target audience effectively can sometimes involve a little creative thinking. Social media is one way you might use to reach out to more customers, but where do you start and how do you ensure an effective outcome to your social media campaigns? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the social media strategies… Read more »

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Social Media: A Promising Marketing Concept or a Storm in a Tea Cup?

Is Social Media really a promising marketing tool?

Over the past few years, social media marketing has become more and more popular, but how do marketers around the world utilise this relatively new tool? Written by Kaye Neylon Many businesses are feeling the pressure of adding social media to their marketing arsenal and are building online campaigns that target the Facebook and Twitter… Read more »

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Twitter Campaign

Enhance Your Twitter Campaign

Twitter is one of the most popular of all social media platforms and can be a great marketing asset for your business. It can help you to build a loyal community of followers and also help to drive traffic to your website. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the things you… Read more »

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Pinterest and the Rise of Visual Marketing

How Pinterest can help your Visual Marketing

Whether you have a product launch coming up, you need to promote your existing business or you just want to target people in a different way, Pinterest is a service you cannot afford to ignore. First we had Flickr, then Tumblr came along and how Pinterest has exploded onto the scene and is fast becoming… Read more »

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London 2012 To Be The First Social Media Olympics

The London 2012 Olympic Games are being heralded as the ‘first social media Olympics’. Eagle-eyed readers amongst you might be thinking “hold on, but what about Beijing?” Well, social media was not so well established back then and has grown considerably in the past 4 years. London is expecting almost 11 million visitors during the… Read more »

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The Database of Intentions AKA Who We Are Online

2012 was a special year for SEO and social media – they got married! Well, perhaps that isn’t strictly true, but they are shacked up together and getting along pretty well. In an ever evolving online landscape, the link between SEO and social media has never been so close. In the Beginning, There was Search…… Read more »

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Pinterest power – The future of social media?

We all have friends who seem to spend every waking hour on Twitter or Facebook.  And now they have a new social media platform on which to focus their obsession – Pinterest.   If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, where have you been?  It’s the newest social network and it’s shaping up to be very… Read more »

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5 Practical tips on using Twitter for business

The reports on the phenomenon of hashtags and how they’re starting to lead the media agenda is now one of the most reported news items in the world. Yet, when we speak to other businesses, it remains one of the least understood social media platforms of all. Twitter is massive, let’s not pretend it isn’t. It… Read more »

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