How Google+ Competes with Facebook and Twitter

Social media | 18th Dec

Google+ is here and is growing in popularity with both personal and business users. But how does the service compete and compare with Facebook and Twitter?

It was only a matter of time before Google jumped on the social bandwagon and their Google+ services seem to be causing quite a stir.

Google+ offers a range of services for the user wanting to be connected with the friends and world around them. From hanging with friends on Google Hangouts to discussing the latest fashion trends using Google Sparks, users can hook up with their buddies and talk about experiences and interests wherever they are in the world.

Many people use Twitter and Facebook alongside each other. Is there room for Google+ too?

It seems so and especially amongst business users wanting to tap into the power of social media across all the platforms currently available. As the Google+ community continues to grow you can be sure that Google+ business accounts will evolve and grow at the same pace.

If Google+ is competing with any social networking site it is probably Facebook. Google+ pages aren’t directly competing with Twitter because Twitter offers a fairly simple and limited service which is ideal for breaking news and getting quick and dirty information into the wild.

Google+ offers so much more in terms of data and information sharing.

Google’s single biggest feature is the +1 function. This enables Google+ users to add a +1 to any website they like and this in effect raises the profile of that website. Whilst Facebook has the ‘like’ function, likes don’t directly translate into improved rankings for a website.

Another area where Google+ comes out on top is in the world of advertising and SEO. Google already had their targeted marketing house in order whereas Facebook marketing is still a bit of a mess. Google pulls out all the stops with AdWords, Google Analytics and their +1 integration.

These are all closely connected with Google’s search functionality and when all used together, they can really do some good for your rankings.

Whilst Google+ might be somewhat of a slow-burner compared to Facebook you can be sure that Google won’t give up the fight. All social media platforms have something to offer business in terms of marketing features so you should really consider all when putting together a robust marketing campaign.

See what Google+ can do for your business. If you are not yet using Google+, speak to our team to get the lowdown on its many business benefits.

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