7 Tips for Launching Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media | 22nd Oct

Reaching your target audience effectively can sometimes involve a little creative thinking. Social media is one way you might use to reach out to more customers, but where do you start and how do you ensure an effective outcome to your social media campaigns?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the social media strategies you can use and what should be avoided.

  • Review Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Before you begin your Social Media Campaign it is vital you know who it is you’re speaking to and how to approach your audience. Ensuring your campaign enjoys as much success as possible you first need to assess your Digital Marketing Strategy, take our free Digital Marketing Audit to review your digital marketing strategy and receive an instant assessment on where you could improve, including some practical tips you could put into practice today.

  • Don’t Try to Be in All Places At Once

  • Always select the most appropriate social media platform for your business. For example, if you have lots of offers you want to advertise, you might use Twitter to publicise these offers and to provide a direct link. If you run lots of competitions, offer a wide range of products and want effective feedback from your customers you might use Facebook as it offers more scope.

    By choosing the right social media, you save time and increase your probability of success. Some companies use both Twitter and Facebook, but use them only when they have something important to say or a new product to launch.

  • Forget Selling

  • You don’t need to sell through social media. Users don’t want to be bombarded with information about your products or bullied into buying. Use your social media instead to provide information about your company, give users support and interact with your audience by encouraging debate and discussions. Using social media is a great way to monitor your brand reputation and what others think of you.

  • Think Before You Speak

  • Every status update or tweet you send is an official corporate message and reflects on your brand. Always make sure that the person updating your social media has good knowledge of your brand and products and also your corporate philosophy.

  • Damage to Your Reputation

  • Let’s assume there is some negative buzz around your brand because you did something wrong or have had some bad press coverage. If this buzz is happening on your social media accounts it can spread like wildfire.

    Managing reputation damage through social media should be handled carefully and completely. Respond to every negative comment, issue a statement to your users about what went wrong and give them a good impression that you care about putting the situation right again. If you have issued an official press release, send users a direct link so they can view it easily.

  • Never Spam

  • Users don’t like spam and they won’t appreciate it on social media. Don’t make users block you or delete you completely. Think about how you would want a company to interact with you – constant spam messages are most definitely not the way to go.

  • Always Remember Your Manners

  • Manners are everything online and they should always be a top priority whether you are using your social media account for business or personal reasons. Remember to treat your customers and potential customers with respect and be polite at all times. Avoid conflict even if you don’t agree with what is being said.

    Speak to Jungle Media today to find out more about our social media services. We can help you to turn your Social Media Marketing Campaign into a success story you’ll be bragging about for years!.


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