Google+ 101

Social media | 17th Dec

Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. These are Just some of the features you’ll find in Google+ – Google’s social media offering.

Google+ is quite similar to Facebook in design and functionality.

The premise is the same too. You find contacts that you want to connect with and share your photos, likes and life experiences with them. You can then give these contacts a category – for example, you can categorise your Great Aunt Mabel as Family. These groups are called Circles and you can define certain settings for each Circles group such as who sees your updates or new photos.

Circles are one of the most important features in Google+ and give you total control over who has access to what. If you would rather not share your Saturday night antics with your co-workers or your parents, Google+ Circles makes censorship effortless!

This is where Facebook could learn a thing or two about making their settings a little bit more simplistic and transparent. Google+ allows you to share your updates with one person or everybody in your Circles.

The Unique Features of Google+

Another big benefit (plus?) of Google+ is the uploading of photos and videos feature. Google+ offers an instant upload feature that pushes all new photos and videos from your phone to your Google+ account. This saves you having to upload them and also gives you a handy backup archive of your media.

Other features you might want to check out include Google+ Hangouts which allow you to meet up with your contacts for some spontaneous chatter. In fact, many businesses are starting to realise the potential of holding a Google+ Hangout with colleagues in remote locations.

Explore Google+ Business Benefits

Another business benefit of Google+ is the ability to share content, blogs, photos and other info with your Google+ community. Similar to Facebook likes, Sparks gives you the option to share the stuff you like, comment on the stuff you don’t or send and share links between your Circles.

For business, it’s all about engaging with your community and seeing what makes them tick. If you are already using Twitter and Facebook as social media tools for business, adding Google+ to your bow will give you exposure across another highly influential community.

Google+ might not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter but you can bet that if Google is behind something it is destined to be big. Get ahead of your competitors and explore the pluses of Google+ for yourself.

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