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Facebook Mobile Ad Growth Accounts for 30% of its Revenues

Facebook Mobile Revenue 2013

Facebook also reveal a rise to 1.11bn monthly users Written by Kaye Neylon Advertising revenue in 2013 Facebook’s year has gotten off to a pretty good start as they have revealed that almost a third of its advertising revenue made during the first quarter of 2013 came through its mobile platform as they announced profits… Read more »

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25 Twitter keyboard shortcuts you need to know

Twitter Keyboard

If, like us, you use a web version of Twitter on a daily (almost minute by minute basis!) then this is perfect for you! Written by Kaye Neylon Twitter shortcuts 101 If you’re a fan of Twitter be it to increase your brand’s profile, engage with customers or promote your blogs, then this post will… Read more »

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Facebook Gets Moody

Facebook Emotions

Is Facebook becoming more sentimental? After months of testing, the world’s most popular social platform asks users “How are you feeling?” Written by Kaye Neylon A new era of communication We’re not sure if Facebook HQ were feeling particularly sentimental or perhaps they were watching The Notebook sniffling with a box of tissues, but the… Read more »

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6 Hashtag Tips for Your Business

Twitter Hashtag

Hashtag’s are a bit of a minefield so allow us to show you how to use them as part of your social media strategy and make you into a Twitter maestro! Written by Kaye Neylon Any social media agency will know that hashtags are an essential part of Twitter. They have been a major launching… Read more »

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Twitter officially granted a Patent

Twitter officially gets themselves patented

If you’re thinking of copying Twitter, think again, because they just got themselves officially patented! Written by Kaye Neylon The social network company first applied for a patent back in 2007 and now the patent has been granted, Twitter be able to protect itself from competitors like Facebook copying its core features. What exactly is… Read more »

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The Ten Commandments of Social Media

The 10 rules that your social media marketing team should be following! Written by Kaye Neylon Managing a brand’s social media presence is a much like a circus balancing act (only I can’t spin multiple plates… not through lack of trying though!). Keeping tweets and posts polite and professional is all very well, and while… Read more »

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Your free Twitter cheat sheet

The Twitter cheat sheet every marketer needs to have!

The Twitter cheat sheet every marketer needs to have! Written by Kaye Neylon Social media management Any social media agency should never be short of good, solid social media management and Twitter is one platform that requires a lot of attention to fully enjoy the fruits of your labour. Stop and ask yourself, ‘are you… Read more »

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How to construct the perfect tweet

The blueprint of a tweet Written by Kaye Neylon Here at Jungle we like to think of ourselves as pretty up to date with the latest social media goings-on and Twitter is our specialty (and personal favourite). Over the past several weeks we have written various articles and blogs guiding you lot of budding tweeters… Read more »

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A Jungle Social Media Consultation

Social Media Consultation with Jungle Media

Here at Jungle we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Digital Marketing and we value are audience and clients, enough to let you in on all the industry secrets and today is no exception! Written by Kaye Neylon As Jungle’s Social Media Officer, I carry a wealth of experience in dealing with social… Read more »

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How to use Pinterest to Enhance Your Brand in 8 Steps

How to use Pinterest

This may not come as news to you, but the world has in fact gone Pinterest mad and here’s our guide to why you should be hopping onto the bandwagon. Written by Kaye Neylon Analytic analysts have debated for the last 18 months as to the long-term value of Pinterest. Retailers have seen an undeniable… Read more »

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