What Organisations Can Learn From Charities Using Social Media

Social media | 11th Dec

If you want to communicate with lots of people at once you need to use a systematic approach.

For charities it’s all about winning over supporters. For businesses it’s all about attracting customers. Charities have it a little harder than businesses as they are not selling a product or service but increasing awareness about a cause.

This can be a challenge as not everybody will be receptive to the cause or want to become a supporter.

Charities want people to support their cause and to take meaningful action as a result. That might mean spreading the word to other people, taking part in an event, volunteering for the charity or making a direct donation. Very often it’s the events that raise the most awareness.

Fun events or rallies that people can take part in usually generate the most response and get people talking.

Charities also need to be more direct with their marketing approach. They very often have a small window of opportunity to win supporters – for example, Movember, Breast Cancer Awareness week and other time-driven events. Organisations can learn a lot from charities in terms of winning people over and attracting long-term support.

Many businesses are all too eager to sell their product without first targeting the right audience or aligning their campaign with the interests of their audience.

Many organisations stop at the first hurdle. They get lots of people to like their brand and then struggle to turn these likes and follows into conversions.

By engaging people emotionally those followers are more likely to turn into customers and this can be achieved in a number of ways. Promotions, competitions, special offers and free products are great ways to win over a crowd quickly and to start talking about your brand. The “what’s in it for me?” approach is usually very successful.

Just as the supporter of a charity page would share their support with others, the customers of a particular brand are likely to do the same and tell others about their positive experiences. You need to keep abreast of these conversations so that you can capitalise on them and promote more of the same thing.

Keep an eye on certain elements of the conversations such as #hashtags being used, what people are specifically talking about and also any negative criticism.

It’s so important to get the best return on your social media investment whether you are a business or a charity. Promote your brand well and your followers will do the legwork for you and share their experiences with others helping to spread the word even further.

At Jungle we can help businesses and charities to harness the power of social media to gain more awareness for your products, your services and your cause.

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