Social Media: A Promising Marketing Concept or a Storm in a Tea Cup?

Social media | 19th Oct

Over the past few years, social media marketing has become more and more popular, but how do marketers around the world utilise this relatively new tool?

Written by Kaye Neylon

Many businesses are feeling the pressure of adding social media to their marketing arsenal and are building online campaigns that target the Facebook and Twitter masses.

Whilst many of these companies are experiencing fantastic success using this media channel, many other companies have left their social media campaigns to stagnate and eventually die. But is that down to the effectiveness of social media marketing or were campaigns not handled in the correct manner?

Let’s take a look at a few statistics so that we can better understand the importance of social media marketing.

  • 15% of social media users are more inclined to buy from brands that advertise in social media

  • 25% are more likely to find out more about brands that advertise on social media sites

  • 67% more likely to buy a brand they follow on Twitter

  • 79% more likely to recommend a brand they follow on Twitter

  • 75% of Brand ‘Likes’ on Facebook come from advertisements

  • 22% of Fortune 500 companies now have a public-facing blog

  • 42% of US companies used Social Media Marketing in 2008. (88% in 2012)

  • 18% of new content found online is found through social media

  • 46% of Internet users worldwide interact with social media on a daily basis

  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn increased their registered users by 100% in just 12 months

Of course, the statistics above don’t really answer whether social media gives a good return on investment. After all, we should never read too much into statistics.

Measuring the return on investment of a social media campaign can be difficult. Whilst you can measure the number of sales that your campaign has helped to generate you should let that be the end of your analysis. Look at what you have learned from your customers. What knowledge have you gained? Have they given you lots of feedback, positive and negative included?

By interacting with your customers and potential customers you learn more about what they need and what they expect from you. If there is something you are not doing that they want you to do then perhaps you should start doing it! Social media can be a real eye opener when it comes to customer feedback.

Social media campaigns can and do work very well. You need to consider the bigger picture when running your campaigns and ensure that you connect with your audience whenever possible. Do it well and they will spread the word for you and give you lots of free advertising.

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