Want to Grow Your Twitter Followers?

We know how frustrating it can be to attract new Twitter followers and keep them engaged while keeping your CEO happy about the numbers, so here’s a helpful guide!

Written by Kaye Neylon

It’s all about Quality not Quantity!

We can’t say this enough! It’s always great to see a high number of followers, but how many of those are actually clicking on your content and ultimately visiting your site and engaging with your brand?

There’s no denying that increasing followers on Twitter can be a tough gig. You can follow people and hope they follow you back but that isn’t always the most reliable or practical method, especially for businesses who rely on engagement with their target market.

The reality is this, the best possible way to get people to follow you on Twitter (and this is true in other social networks too) comes down to what we have affectionately dubbed the ‘Hii! theory’. Helpful, Interesting and Informative.

‘How do you do this on a social network?’ we hear you ask, well it’s pretty simple, use hashtags (the more popular and trending the better), link back to content (and make it relevance to the reader to keep that bounce rate down), and include some imagery (you don’t have to be a designer of Picasso standard but some imagery does help where possible).

If you were running the social media activity of a business, this approach is helpful to you to make sure you reach the right audience, those that have an interest in the topics your brand likes to talk about. It’s also worth remembering that all tweets can be seen by all followers, and it is this reason why Twitter is fast overtaking Facebook as a top notch marketing tool!

Now seeing as we just discussed the importance of a little imagery, we’ve found this rather helpful infographic designed by the folks at Twiends to help expand on the points we’ve made today.

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