Social Media Marketing: A Short Survival Guide

In your excitement to use social media in your business, you assigned someone to regularly post Facebook statuses, tweet, and upload pictures and articles about the latest updates in your business. But even if you have the most reliable Facebook enthusiast or a great Instagram photographer in your department, you simply can’t please others if you’re still doing it the wrong way.

Before you hop onto the social medial community, you have to come up with a game plan. Do this before you assign the social media responsibility to one of your staff members just because they’re always on Facebook.

Continue reading to understand how you can do it – the right way.

Engage, engage, engage

Conversation is the lifeblood of social media sites. So when your followers engage, your business page comes up on their feed regularly. End each status update or tweet with a question. You can post answers to some of your followers’ comments to keep the ball rolling. Do your best to keep your followers engaged to keep the discussion alive, and you’re definitely on your way to social media success.

Deploy the right team

Not everyone can run a social media marketing campaign. So you should never assign inexperienced interns, staff members who are not updated, and employees with poor customer relations skills, to your campaign. Choose and deploy the right team! These people will represent your business so stick with customer-friendly, business-savvy, and social media experts for greater chances of success.

Provide shareable content

Provide content regularly. Make it valuable by making it helpful. In a world where people are always looking for a reliable source of information, sharing valuable content will make your business an authority.

Social media is no longer simply a fun and exciting way to communicate. It’s now becoming THE primary way to communicate with customers, and you need to be in the right direction for greater chances of success.

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