SEO and Social Media – How You Can Integrate The Two

When it comes to SEO, new figures report that 50% of UK businesses do not know how to integrate their Social Media and SEO campaigns, here we show you how it’s done.

Written by Kaye Neylon

What SEO benefits does Social Media have?

We could talk about this all day long but the put it into bullet points…


  • Social referrals to your site which can be monitored and tracked using Google Analytics.



  • Google+ has tremendous SEO benefits – becoming Google Authored can boost your content up the rankings and increase CTR by up to 30%.



  • Sharing blog content across social platforms not only increases brand engagement and approach-ability but also your site visitors.



  • Link building is a great SEO benefit – the more trustworthy and high quality Google considers your backlinks to be, the more strength your site’s PageRank.


Let’s talk SEO! Successful companies integrate, so why aren’t you?

According to a new study from Ascend2, it’s this:

“Successful companies integrate social media into SEO strategies and tactics more extensively than companies that struggle with SEO.

The research provided by Ascend2 was collected after they surveyed 600 business around the world late last month, and asked the group to rate their own companies’ SEO success. The survey compares answers from the 15 percent that said they’re “very successful” with SEO and the 18 percent that said they’re “not successful.” Admittedly, that’s a small sample size, but the data are still interesting and seem, to me, that they’d hold true across a larger survey, too.

Social Media & SEO Integration
The biggest difference between the “very successful” and “not successful” companies is their use of social media as part of the SEO strategy. As the chart below shows, 38 percent of those “very successful” with SEO are doing extensive integration of social media, compared to only two percent of the companies that aren’t succeeding with SEO.

And a full 50 percent of the latter group — the ones not succeeding at SEO — aren’t integrating social media at all.

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