Is Your Business One of 3 Million on LinkedIn?

Social media | 28th Jun

If your business does not already have its own LinkedIn company profile, what are you waiting for? There are now more than 3 million companies connecting with over 225 million professionals on LinkedIn.

Written by Kaye Neylon

How does LinkedIn differ from other social platforms?

Good question, and one which we are asked on a weekly basis. LinkedIn offers businesses a way to market their products or services from a B2B perspective as LinkedIn is ‘the’ platform to be on if you are looking to connect with other like minded professionals and build a mutually beneficial relationship.

What’s features can help me to grow my business?

  • Connect
  • Network in Groups
  • Update Your Profile
  • Endorse and be Endorsed!
  • 3 Millions Businesses Now on LinkedIn

    Is LinkedIn working for your business?

    If you’re wondering how your business can tap into the millions of professionals now on LinkedIn, or perhaps you’re curious if your target market can be reached on the platform, speak to our Social Media team now for your free social media analysis.

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