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Virus Protection ! Are we really switched on? Recent events say otherwise.

Virus Protection

Switched on is how many people describe the society we currently live and they couldn’t be closer and further from the truth. Yes our society is switched when it comes to technology, with most people across the globe having an Internet connection and access to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. In fact everything from… Read more »

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Apple iPhone 8 Review

iPhone 8

It is widely known the majority of searches on Google are now done using a mobile device. In view of this trend and the long-awaited announcement from Apple about the launch of their latest mobile phone taking place, we though best to give you an overview of what they had to say. Apple iPhone 8… Read more »

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The 6 biggest webmaster mistakes to draw penalties from the Google police – Penguin and Panda!

The concept of two cute, cuddly animals striking dread into the hearts of webmasters worldwide is at first, a comical one. However, these two strangely named algorithms can completely devastate a poorly conceived, structured and executed site in minutes. Constantly scouring the internet and analysing websites, these two bots are sophisticated, highly efficient and merciless…. Read more »

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Top 5 Reasons to Feature Your Company on “Google My Business”

Does using stock or original images make a difference?

Top 5 Reasons You Must Feature Your Company on “Google My Business” Every company has the opportunity to feature their business on the gargantuan Google platform. Your company can be profiled with promotional pictures, images and video, offer full info for internet searches and allow you to connect directly to your customers. It is important… Read more »

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How to target Mobile Micro Moments more effectively.

Micro Moments

‘Desktop search is dead, long live mobile search.’ For the first time Google reports that mobile searches now outnumber desktop searches. This is echoed in internet usage with smartphones accounting for the majority of internet traffic. So now there is a new phenomenon known as Mobile Micro Moments. It is easy to understand when you… Read more »

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Surprising results from Google Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete Results

How a “tummy tuck in Mexico” and a “nose job in Albania” will help you find your ideal customers across the internet! Results from a global campaign for the most searched keywords brought about a vital clue as to how to increase your keyword research, click through rate and ROI from a free Google tool… Read more »

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Is your website mobile friendly ? … we can help !

Mobile Websites Image

Below is a tool for you to test if your website is mobile friendly.From 21st April 2015 Google will begin to improve ranking for websites that are mobile friendly. Google already labels websites “Mobile-friendly”; if yours does not have this label it will not get the clicks!The visitor journey has always been an important consideration… Read more »

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Panda 4.1; how to keep your website from being deindexed.

Panda Update?

Last month we saw another Google algorithm update in the guise of Panda 4.1. in an effort to dismiss sites that offered a poor user experience. The update is predominantly content based. Little or poor content has been penalised, quality and quantity content has been rewarded.We have all seen a slew of Google updates which… Read more »

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Online Marketing will never be the same again !

Online Marketing and Mobile Phones

Two seemingly unrelated stories have emerged this week which will have significant impact on the way businesses advertise across the internet. Both in their own way are great news for advertisers and when acted upon can significantly increase return on investment.Google to detect what TV show you are viewing when searching on the web?The first… Read more »

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