6 Hashtag Tips for Your Business

Social media | 26th Mar

Hashtag’s are a bit of a minefield so allow us to show you how to use them as part of your social media strategy and make you into a Twitter maestro!

Written by Kaye Neylon

Any social media agency will know that hashtags are an essential part of Twitter. They have been a major launching platform for Twitter and have taken the social network from microblogging and transporting into a whole other realm of social media. This blog highlights just how important hashtags are in the digital world we live and work in.

Hashtags are used as a key communication tool that separates conversation/Tweets based on their topic from the masses of other tweeters tweeting pictures of their pets and what they have had for dinner! (we had a salad by the way…)

It is a key way to separate conversation’s and bring all communities together that share a particular passion and interest in the topic or brand. Therefore this is a vital tool and good brand engagement monitoring device and this is how to make the #!

1. Promotion!

Think of your tweet with its new hashtag as casting your net out into the ocean of social media. Don’t limit yourself to thinking that hashtags can only be seen on Twitter, aim a little bigger and push them via every channel. That includes Facebook, emails – signatures etc and print marketing copy. If you don’t plan on promoting your hashtag then there’s no point creating it!

2. Creation doesn’t mean ownership

Unfortunately copyright doesn’t exactly exist on Twitter, even if you do create a hashtag that picks up and goes well, remember you don’t own it. Therefore don’t become too precious over a negative comment or one don’t agree with as this may alienate your audience. Also if you hashtag is not all that clear you might get the wrong target market.

3. Don’t go OTT with the #

One of the biggest sins committed in social media. The important thing to remember is every hashtag is a new conversation, so don’t go crazy and add them all in together as this will make reading them tricky, will make your tweet look tacky and you also run the risk of losing the impact of the hashtag.

4. Jump on the hashtag bandwagon

If you don’t want to set up a hashtag yourself, don’t worry because you can easily jump on other hashtags. If you spot an existing hashtag that’s linked closely to what your brand is offering, and you think you can add to the hashtag or even win business by appearing on relevant topics then hop on board the hashtag bandwagon!

5. Short and sweet is the winning formula

Making your hashtag long-winded can bring confusion and make it harder for your audience to read let alone find it! In summary, keep it simple, keep it short, obvious and relevant.

6. Think BIG!

Simply using hashtags doesn’t guarantee success, no matter how awesome your tweets are! Major brands are all using this technique so you have to think out of the box and be unique. Forging your own way can drive real time engagement with consumers that are interested in what your brand has to say.

And the moral of this story is…

If you always have this information in mind and you can think of creative ways to integrate your hashtag (just like you do in other marketing channels) then follow your gut instinct and you will be just fine! If you’d like to speak to our Social Media Excutive about how to improve your social media strategy, click here.


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