Facebook Gets Moody

Social media | 9th Apr

Is Facebook becoming more sentimental? After months of testing, the world’s most popular social platform asks users “How are you feeling?”

Written by Kaye Neylon

A new era of communication

We’re not sure if Facebook HQ were feeling particularly sentimental or perhaps they were watching The Notebook sniffling with a box of tissues, but the latest timeline change could make us more willing to express how we feel. In certain parts of the world, today the Facebook status update box began offering an option to “share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing” through a drop-down menu of emoticons and media.

We know not of a social media agency that will not be rather excited about the new changes as we seem to be entering a more structured era of communication, where both friends and big data know exactly what makes us tick!

The changes began way back in January when Facebook began testing the new sharing options, but at the time only released a selection of screenshots. Now it appears the feature has been given to a much wider audience. It is likely we are witnessing the beginning of a global or at least US or English language speaking roll out but indications point to the feature having been released in the US, with many users noting the similarity to the old Myspace mood sharing option.

How are you feeling?

Well, we for one can’t wait until the new changes come into effect in the UK! Here’s our guide on how to show off your mood and whatever it is you may be up to without having to type something akin to a University dissertation!

When you go to share a status update from Facebook’s desktop site or the mobile site (m.facebook.com), you’ll see a smiley face button next to the option to add a photo. The button lets you select an emoticon to represent what you’re feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking, or eating. Each option then brings up a sub-menu of emotions or media. You can add an extra descriptions if you wish, and when you’re ready to share your post it will be similar to “is feeling happy” with an emoticon or “watching Dexter” with an image and link to the Facebook page of that particular TV show.

Why does Facebook care how we’re feeling?

Jungle noticed some alterations in which the way Facebook engages with its users, from the ways you can post your status updates to how each mobile device displays the site or Facebook app. Since the privacy debacle Facebook has struggled to regain some ground on its users and their trust in the platform after it was disclosed that Facebook could legally use any content from profiles for use in their marketing material not to mention keeping all of your images, even if you close your account.

Midway through 2012, Facebook began asking “What’s on your mind Kaye….” in an attempt to get users updating their status’s and keep them on the platform for as long as possible, this worked but only for so long. Facebook fans then began flocking in their droves to Twitter for a quick and easy update and browse of what’s going on in social media land.

Facebook seems to be either the flavour of the month or the social media pariah, but can this latest personal touch bridge the gap between the social giant and its user base?

Will you be updating your status more once the emoticon option rolls out?


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