Facebook Mobile Ad Growth Accounts for 30% of its Revenues

Social media | 2nd May

Facebook also reveal a rise to 1.11bn monthly users

Written by Kaye Neylon

Advertising revenue in 2013

Facebook’s year has gotten off to a pretty good start as they have revealed that almost a third of its advertising revenue made during the first quarter of 2013 came through its mobile platform as they announced profits of £140m.

The announcement also boasted that the social network giant made around £80bn through its advertising revenue during the first quarter of this year as well as a rise in mobile advertising sales.

Facebook also revealed an total of 751m users through mobile, bringing the total to 1.11bn monthly active users. The recent figures indicate a 23 per cent increase when compared to the same period in 2012, of which 665m are daily users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the news and declared that the platform had become “a mobile company”.

Ironically, prior to the rapid growth from its mobile revenue it was the mobile platform itself that had been a real source of worry for Facebook investors around its IPO (Initial Public Offering) as some worried that it had no strategy to generate revenues from mobile.

Zuckerberg admitted late in 2012 that there had been mistakes along the way to establishing Facebook as a mobile platform:

“There is no doubt we had a bunch of missteps on this. But we’ve transitioned now and we are a mobile company.”

Facebook has around 665 million daily active users but nearly 200 million people who do not own computers are still active on Facebook, with people opening their app as many as 15 times a day.

With the recent launch of Facebook Home, the mobile future is looking fun. Don’t believe us, here’s they’re latest TV ad which features a goat. What more could you possibly ask for!


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