What is Facebook EdgeRank?

Social media | 8th May

96% of fans don’t return to a brand’s page after the initial engagement. It’s a shocking but very real fact in social marketing, but how can brands use this to their advantage? EdgeRank may just have the answer!

Written by Kaye Neylon

The Three Variables

Facebook’s EdgeRank is created using algorithms which determine what appears in each users news feed and why, this comes down to three variables…


In a nutshell, this is the relationship between the viewer and the creator. The closer the relationship between the two the higher the affinity score! As selfish as this sounds, this is a one-way relationship which means the more you interact with another Facebook user the more likely their content is to appear in your news feed and not the other way round.


There are three types of content posted onto Facebook and any smarty pants fan of social media marketing will know they are:

1. Video/Photos

2. Links

3. Plain Text

The heavier the weight of the initial post, the higher the score. It’s also worth noting that the more engagement a post (be it video, photos or plain text) receives the higher the score it will receive, despite the initial weight of the post.

Time Decay

This is almost entirely dependent on the number of times your page’s fans log onto Facebook (although recent figures suggest users aged 18 – 30 log onto the social networking site up to four times a day).

The older the post, the quicker it decays. Facebook use this method to maintain freshness in each users news feed.

The Infographic Explanation

Facebook EdgeRank Infographic

Will you be implementing Facebook’s EdgeRank into your social media marketing strategy? Do you think EdgeRank is the tool all social media marketers have been waiting for?


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