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Social media | 7th Jan

Here at Jungle we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Digital Marketing and we value are audience and clients, enough to let you in on all the industry secrets and today is no exception!

Written by Kaye Neylon

As Jungle’s Social Media Officer, I carry a wealth of experience in dealing with social media and helping clients realise its endless possibilities and I would like to share with you six industry secrets.

Monday’s are statistically the least productive day of the week but let’s turn that around and make today the start of your social media journey into success!

1. Spread the Social cheer throughout the year!

Your company will never be truly social if you focus all of its social activity on one consultant or a staff member, the clue is in the title social media.

To facilitate growth online, your consultant or social media officers should learn how your company functions, then create a strategy tailored with focus on spreading social throughout your organization.

Many organisations start, what could be, a fantastic social media strategy and come Spring almost all has been forgotten and the strategy is tossed to the side to collect dust. If you plan well enough and research into what could work for your organisation and its goals, then stick to it. Perseverance is key!

2. Get some end game

You would be forgiven for thinking the big prize is community, which is a positive start. However, long-term for a business, you need to work out what your larger goals are and don’t be afraid to think big (as long as your feet stay on the ground).

Whether your goals are sales leads, raising brand awareness, or generating traffic to your corporate site (something we can help you with by clicking here), your social media strategy should not end with the creation of an online conversation!

3. Broaden your scope

At Jungle we have seen this countless times, companies obsessing over how many followers they have, and some consultants play to that. Facebook ads and “Like this page” contests often don’t boost consumer engagement, they only offer short-term gain and the increase in number soon begin to dwindle away.

Top Tip: Engage! We cannot stress this enough, it is vital to social growth and keeping your followers and ‘Likers’ interested long enough to make some sort of valuable impact on the way they view your brand and how they communicate this interpretation to others.

4. React, Interact and Interface

In the words of the great Elvis, ‘A little less conversation, a little more action’. Take the meeting from the boardroom and practice what you are preaching!

Don’t be afraid of interaction, the social media platforms are there to build relationships. There are a wealth of people you can share your content with, bloggers, niche celebrities, or active tweeters, who can all help spread your message.

Top Tip: If you expect others to share your content, blogs, news articles etc, then be polite and do the same. Return the favour and you will see brand loyalty soar!

5. Picking a platform

Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices from many companies, but they are only the start! Have a really good think about which platform would show your brand in the best light.

For example, if you run a fashion line then you may very well be drawn to Instagram and Pinterest as these platforms focus on the visual aspect and attract a large audience looking for visually stimulating content as well as browsing for their next purchase.

If however, your business is more corporate then Linkedin is the most logic option and also offers be-spoke advertising packages to suit your budget.

Top Tip: For help on how to kick start your PPC campaign contact our team and let us show you the ROI of PPC!

6. Make your site socially savvy

This may seem like we are pointing out the obvious here, but there are still many businesses who are not creating widgets for their social media feeds.

We will refrain from naming and shaming those of you who aren’t doing this but you really should optimize your site to display and incorporate your social media feeds and links to encourage all forms of social activity link together flawlessly.

Top Tip: If you are in need of an early Spring clean for your site then allow us to show you what can be optimized and how best to show off your brand. Click here to tell us about your company and let us do the rest.


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