Your free Twitter cheat sheet

Social media | 13th Mar

The Twitter cheat sheet every marketer needs to have!

Written by Kaye Neylon

Social media management

Any social media agency should never be short of good, solid social media management and Twitter is one platform that requires a lot of attention to fully enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Stop and ask yourself, ‘are you getting the type of interaction and retweets you always hoped for on Twitter?’. If the answer is yes, then think again because Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms and you have access to hundred of thousands of users online and waiting for your brand to say something they want to RT and share and interact with.

Jungle pride ourselves on being a stand-out digital marketing agency that love to put your brand up on a platform for all to see and you can do this following these simple steps!

The infographic below was created by the guys at Linchpin and fills you in on a few sneaky secrets of the Twitter-sphere, such as:

Some facts and figures

  • By simply adding a picture with your tweet, you can double your engagement

  • Use more than two hashtags can significantly lower your interaction rates (this makes you look like spam, and nobody likes that!)

  • Twitter is currently the fastest growing social network! Users/Tweeters have increasing by 40% over the last six months!

  • Twitter cheat sheet

    If you would like to know what techniques you could be using to increase your Twitter engagement, Linkedin conversions or any other social platform then speak to our Social Media team today. There’s a whole digital social world out there, don’t miss out!


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