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Lord Alan Sugar Votes for SEO in Business

SEO is New Apprentice Partner for Lod Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar votes to invest in a start-up SEO company in a gripping Apprentice Final tonight.Mark Wright made a winning pitch to a group of industry leaders including Lord Alan Sugar and his team. He was in competition with finalist candidate Bianca Miller who presented the concept of servicing the need in the massive… Read more »

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Penguin 3.0 impact; and how to protect your web business.

Penquin 3.0

Google has let loose with a double whammy recently. Penguin 3.0 and Panda 4.1 are the latest algorithm updates designed to filter out inferior web content.Panda has gone after content and Penguin is aimed toward backlinks pointing to your website.Any websites which do not offer relevant and quality content to the user are being systematically… Read more »

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SEO and Social Media – How You Can Integrate The Two

What SEO benefits does Social Media have?

When it comes to SEO, new figures report that 50% of UK businesses do not know how to integrate their Social Media and SEO campaigns, here we show you how it’s done.Written by Kaye NeylonWhat SEO benefits does Social Media have?We could talk about this all day long but the put it into bullet points… Social… Read more »

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Is eBay A Big Loser In the Google Panda 4.0 update ?

Google Panda 4.0

Online auction giant eBay appears to have lost a lot of its traffic from the Google search engine, according to the latest results available from German search engine optimisation software developer Search metrics.This follows the release, on May 20 2014, of version 4.0 of Google’s Panda algorithm, which is designed to ensure that only high… Read more »

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Rich Captions gives merchants fresh SEO opportunities with new Bing Product Search

As a leading SEO agency in Manchester, we noted with interest Microsoft’s recent announcement about the replacement of Bing Shopping with Product Search, as part of the technology giant’s quest to help us all “search less and do more”. Soon, instead of selecting Bing ‘Shopping’ when searching for products, shopping results will instead be incorporated… Read more »

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New York City-based Businesses Get Their Own Local Domain Name .nyc

.nyc domain name to be rolled out in 2013

In a surprising move to local search New Yorker’s have been given their own top-level domain name .nyc Written by Kaye Neylon .NYC In a surprising move to local search, the ‘Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) has approved New York City’s bid for a .nyc web domain. ICANN will be overseeing the… Read more »

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+1’s The Most Important Ranking Factor of 2013 (… so far)

+1's the most imporant SEO tool in 2013

A new report finds that Google’s +1’s are of the most importance when it comes to SEO and ranking in 2013. Written by Kaye Neylon SEO Ranking Factors The study, conducted by Search Metrics, has shown that Google +1’s are the most important element in SEO so far in 2013. It won’t come as a… Read more »

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Stock Images and Search Engine Rankings

Does using stock or original images make a difference?

Google’s Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts confirms that stock images do not impact search engine rankings. Written by Kaye Neylon Does using stock or original images make a difference? In a word, no. Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, said in a recent video that using stock images from a stock image website… Read more »

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Who uses Pinterest anyway and why is it important for marketers?

How do brands use Pinterest?

Pinteret’s focus on visuals makes it the ideal platform for retailers and lifestyle brands, but why is it so important? Written by Kaye Neylon Some of the world’s biggest and most popular brands adopt what has been nicknamed the “Pinning way of life” as they show the world their most eye-catching content to an engaged… Read more »

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How to Write SEO Friendly Content for your Website

SEO friendly content for your website

Optimising your website’s content so that search engines can find it is an essential part of any SEO strategy, but why do so many forget its importance? Written by Kaye Neylon As one of the busiest SEO agencies in Manchester, we discuss how to make your content SEO friendly and how this will benefit your… Read more »

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