Is eBay A Big Loser In the Google Panda 4.0 update ?

Online auction giant eBay appears to have lost a lot of its traffic from the Google search engine, according to the latest results available from German search engine optimisation software developer Search metrics.

This follows the release, on May 20 2014, of version 4.0 of Google’s Panda algorithm, which is designed to ensure that only high quality websites appear near the top of Google search results.

According to initial data, released by Search metrics on May 21, eBay’s traffic fell by between 33% and 50%. It is unclear of course exactly how much of this fall can be attributed to the release of the Google Panda 4.0 update.

Sites showing a fall of more than 75% included showbiz news site, relationships website and crafts and recipes site

Those whose traffic fell by between 50% and 75% include online encyclopaedia, special offers site, and electronic products site

When the actual numbers of hits are considered, fared worst, followed by eBay in second place. Celebrity profile site came third, followed by discount site and entertainment news site

Perhaps the biggest winners were two medical sites. Medical dictionaries and both saw a 500% increase in traffic, as did showbiz forum

Fashion retailer, cookery site, discount site, quotations encyclopaedia, celebrity gossip site and another health site in all experienced an increase of between 250% and 500%.

Based on the raw numbers of hits, those showing the highest increases were, in descending order: recruitment site,,, and

The sites that are considered to be the winners and losers as a result of this update are very different from those who benefitted or suffered when version 3.5 of Panda was launched in April 2012. On that occasion, the sites with the largest falls in traffic were, which suggests other websites users might like based on their browsing habits; document searcher doc.txt-com; and website value calculator Those with the biggest rises included music streaming site, business directory and

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