Lord Alan Sugar Votes for SEO in Business

News | 21st Dec

Lord Alan Sugar votes to invest in a start-up SEO company in a gripping Apprentice Final tonight.

Mark Wright made a winning pitch to a group of industry leaders including Lord Alan Sugar and his team. He was in competition with finalist candidate Bianca Miller who presented the concept of servicing the need in the massive hosiery market for darker colours in womens’ tights. Although initially pitched as a premium product to sell at £20 RRP Bianca listened to criticism with regard to this strategy and accepted the possibility of this being a mass market product with a target RRP at £6. However this late u-turn did not save her.

Jungle says this is a massive endorsement from Lord Sugar, a well respected global entrepeneur and successful business man, for SEO to be taken very serious and included in any worthwhile business marketing plan.



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