The Key to Instant SEO Success Is… there isn’t one!

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential tool for your website to be found, but why doesn’t success come over night?

Written by Kaye Neylon

As an SEO agency in Manchester, the beating heart of the digital industry, we’ve heard it dozens of times – Is there an SEO wand to give instant SEO success? And quite frankly, the answer is no!

In it for the long run

SEO is a process whereby an SEO agency will configure your website in a way so that it can be found by your audience and intended target demographic via search engines such as Google. The ‘Optimisation’ part of SEO is a lengthy one at that, but when done correctly, the results are invaluable to any business seeking to raise the profile of their brand or increase sales.

We always advise our clients that SEO will take time and during that time, they will begin to see results that not only raise brand awareness but help their site climb up Google search rankings.

Building momentum does take time, but with every referral link, keywords or new visitors, this is a step in the right direction and is a little win which is recognised by Google.

If you’re looking for quick fixes to your SEO problems then Jungle probably isn’t for you, we care about our clients search rankings and how their site performs to ensure long lasting results and a better ROI.

Those who choose to invest in their online brand and work with us to engage and connect with your target audience will build a better industry authority which is highly appreciated by Google and awarded accordingly.

Some websites may see SEO results quicker than others, this is all dependent on your competition and how you rank alongside them. For a free website analysis and to find out what your competition is doing, contact our SEO team today.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t expect SEO success overnight!

Your Competition Have a Better SEO Campaign

It’s a big pond out there and it’s filled with business clambering to improve their rankings.

SEO is a great way to ensure your target audience find your business online. Every single day you are losing potential customers because you’re missing certain keywords or your SEO is not managed correctly.

We see it all the time, and it’s frustrating we know! But it’s all about staying up to date with the competition and doing better!

Your competition are stealing your customers right now because they have a better managed SEO campaign, what’s stopping you from making your website standing out and rising above the rest?

Search Engines Can’t Find You

Search engines such as Google care about their users, which is exactly why they work constantly to improve the search results they display and if your site isn’t optimised then how do you expect Google to find you?

If you want to see your site climb up the rankings then you must help Google to do so and working to enhance keywords is one way to benefit from a higher position in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

However, whether your website progresses or not is not Google’s biggest concern. Your SEO success comes once your SEO campaign has proven to search engines that your site makes for a better search experience for their users. This will be done time and time again when Google crawls your site’s pages so having the essential information and optimisation is essential.

What Makes SEO So Different?

Do any of your other marketing activities to turn a profit instantly? So why do you expect your SEO to?

SEO success is within your grasp but it’s part of a long-term, sustainable plan. Its success takes time, hard-work and commitment.

If you would like a free analysis of your website as well as an analysis of what your competitors are doing, click here now!


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