New Bing Ads PPC Location Report now Shows what triggers the Ads.

News, PPC., Top tips | 9th Jun

The new service from Bing Ads Pay Per Click (PPC), released on May 21 2014, is an update to its Geo Location Report service.

The two new columns in the latest version are one headed Location Type, which shows whether the location of the user is a physical location or a location of interest; and one headed Most Specific Location, which gives the town or county used in targeting of the advertisement.

In a blog post, Fady Khoury said of the new service: “In response to your feedback, we’ve redesigned how location information is displayed in the report to show you exactly which targeting method was used to serve your ad.” The new facility may perhaps allow advertisers to identify new geographical areas where it may be worth making more of an effort to market their offering.

Bing Ads is a pay per click service where text advertisements are displayed based on the keywords entered in a user’s query on an internet search engine. The company wishing to advertise via Bing Ads enters the title of their advertisement, the text of the advert and the destination URL (likely to be their company web address). Then they add a number of keywords which relate to their product or service, and whenever users of linked search engines enter the same keywords they then see the company’s advertisement. Advanced targeting options allow the company to restrict the days and times at which their advertisement can be seen; or even to restrict the users who can see the adverts by gender or age, or specify on which devices the adverts can be seen.

Bing Ads also intends to roll out a number of features for its Bing Ads Editor service in the coming weeks. These include a facility to add location targets and exclusions in bulk, a facility to target users within a given geographical radius and a search facility to identify duplicate keywords.

Bing Ads is part of Microsoft’s series of Bing websites and applications, which cover everything from route planning to news, sport and showbiz.

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