SEO and the Written Word – How to Craft the Perfect Article

Top tips | 7th Aug

Article marketing is not new, but it is one of the most effective methods of promoting your website or blog. There are three aims of an article:

  • To create an engaging experience for your readers
  • To attract more visits to your site
  • To attract higher rankings from the search engines

Hundreds of thousands of articles are published each day online and you might be thinking that your article will get lost in a sea of headlines. The trick is to know how to write your article and what to do with it.

The search engines love content and they like to see as much fresh information coming out of your site as possible. Articles usually get indexed fast and are a great way of improving your ranking. When crafting your article, you need to think about your audience and also the search engine ranking your article.

High Quality Always Wins

Quality is the name of the game here. No longer can you get away with poor quality spun articles that make little sense and which use a ridiculous amount of keywords. Whilst getting a good ranking through your article will bring visitors to your site, if they don’t like what you have written or think that it’s worthless you’ll be wasting your efforts.

Research your keywords, plan the structure of your article and think about what you want your visitors to do once they have read the article. Make sure you include a clear call to action so that visitors can buy your product, join your mailing list or get in touch. It’s a good idea to have a call to action in the middle of your article somewhere. Lots of people scan rather than read and if you have a nice bold call to action they may just click on it right away. Make it easy for your audience.

What Makes Your Audience Tick?

Writing a good article is all about knowing your audience and putting yourself in their shoes. What can they get from you website? What interests them? What could attract them back again? Give them something they can take away or even better share with others. An article link shared on Facebook for example can put your website in front of hundreds and even thousands more potential customers.

Once your article is written you’ll need to decide where you are going to publish it to. There are a number of options open to you. If you have your own website blog this might be an obvious choice. You have control of your articles here and can see who is commenting or sharing your article. Another option is an article directory. These are crawled on a regular basis by the search engines and are a great way
of achieving good ranking.

We could go on, but then you might lose interest and that’s the whole point of this article. Knowing when to stop is good too! At Jungle Media we offer a wide range of copywriting services designed to woo your crowd and improve your search engine rankings. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.


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