Incorporating Video in your Content Strategy

Videos may well be the best element that you can incorporate video in your content strategy. After all, many people prefer to watch entertaining clips than read lengthy articles. Videos are also popular on social media networks, giving you the chance to maximise your exposure and your online presence.

Video marketing is convenient due to several factors, such as:

  • Text links on video pages are more prominent. There’s a bigger chance people will click the link out of curiosity.
  • Currently, there is low competition, giving your company a better chance to stand out.
  • Creating videos is not that difficult and does not require a big budget. As long as the content is excellent, online users will love it and share with their friends.

Providing videos is one way to be creative and innovative with your content strategy. Many companies have already tried, tested, and succeeded at it. If you want to incorporate video in you content strategy, here a few things you need to do:

Choose the Right Topic

Internet is full of content, of different topics, and such. Brainstorm your video topic carefully. It should be engaging, entertaining, informative or innovative. Don’t just copy what your competitors do. Make sure yours offer more value to your online users.

Optimise, Optimise, Optimise

Videos still have a lot of text content in them. There’s the title, the description, and the tags. Make sure these are optimised and contain your brand and your keywords. Search engines crawl and index the text and meta data attached to videos. Sure, the quality and content of your video should matter a lot, but make sure that search engines and online users could find them.

Choose the Best Upload Site

YouTube is the most widely used uploading site, but that doesn’t mean you have to upload all your videos to it. Other sites will provide you with more advantage and mileage. Do a thorough marketing research and find out what your target market prefer, and then create an optimised profile page before disseminating your video for mass consumption.

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