8 Top Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed

Top tips | 22nd Jan

You don’t need a Magic 8-ball to get your blog noticed, Jungle has the answers!

Written by Kaye Neylon

It was reported by Hubspot recently that companies who blog 15 or more times per month (we’re not bragging but we manage 20, at least!) get 5X more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all (can you believe some companies actually don’t blog?!).

So as a leading internet marketing agency, we share our top tips to get your blog noticed and keep the readers coming back for more!

1. Swiss army knife blog

Make sure your blog contains useful information for your reader, you want them to share and bookmark and save it for later reference. Tailor your blog’s content to that of your target readership and you will be rewarded with a loyal readership who know where to come to for their fix of industry tips.

Doug Kessler, one of the UK’s most popular bloggers on content marketing says the best blogs are timely, insightful, urgent, useful, entertaining backed up with data and personal to the reader.

2. Research!

One of the most crucial aspects (if not the most crucial). Need we say more, research!

3. Make it easy on the eye

No we don’t mean that, we are referring to your blog’s content. It should be easy to read and written in plain English without too marketing jargon (no one likes a know-it-all show off!). Your blog should be well-formatted in short sentences put into paragraphs. Big blocks of text tends to deter readers.

Keep it simple: remember to use headers, bullet points, bold text and images to make the blog piece appealing and easy to read.

4. Challenge is a good thing

Write something that people can use or challenges convention. There are too many bloggers who recycle the thoughts and opinions of other bloggers and marketers, give your audience some credit and don’t recycle someone else’s content.

Michael Brenner, author of the B2B marketing insider blog, says:

“I personally like blogs that ask and answer the biggest questions on the minds of marketers, leaders and business people.”

5. Make it personal

Rule of thumb is a great blog is defined by how helpful, thoughtful, creative, plain and simple it is. Jungle also think a blog should be more personable to the reader, your reader will experience times when they will rant about the frustrations of their industry so it’s only fair that your blog contains some helpful ranting and raving to balance out all those helpful ‘How to…” posts.

6. The customer is always right, right?

When you’re writing your blog, think of your reader. Try not to make it too corporate, remember that you are speaking to your customers and would-be customers so say something they want to hear.

7. Think of the bigger picture

As a social media agency, Jungle write each of our blogs we like to think them as part of a series or larger content package. One week we will run blog posts covering PPC or SEO, or our personal favourite Social Media.

Many bloggers think of their posts as “one-offs” which is a shame because there are any useful blogs which could have formed part of a mini-series covering a specific topic int he digital industry and is a great way to increase your site traffic and keep your readers coming back for more.

It’s these types of bloggers that need to think of their content posts as one step toward an wonderfully useful content package for their readers.

8. Produce content that your readers want to read

This sounds so basic but we cannot emphasise this enough. The whole point of your blog is to make the reader think “Wow, that was great, I’ll send that to my friends!” and so your blog becomes viral superstar in its own right.

You want people to read your blog, bookmark it, print it of, share with friends on all social platforms. So listen to feedback from your readers, ask them what they would like you to blog about or what issues are important to them.

If you would like some help with blogging or social media, then you’ve come to the right place! Contact us to see what we can do for your business.


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