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How to write marvelous meta descriptions for search

Online Marketing and Mobile Phones

There’s a simple art to writing a meta description. Some have compared it to composing a tweet, with its 156 character limit, but here we show you how it’s done Written by Kaye Neylon Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation meet harmoniously in the middle to create 156 characters of capital that encompasses your brand to… Read more »

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Google Agrees to Legally Binding Search Changes

Google Logo

Google agrees on deal with European regulators and offers to make legally binding changes to its search results. Written by Kaye Neylon The news follows a two year antitrust investigation into the alleged claims that the search giant abuses its dominance of online search. Has the deal gone public? No, the deal is not yet… Read more »

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How Did Interflora Resurrect Their Rankings?

Interflora's Search Rankings

Following some nasty backlinks and some finger wagging from Google, Interflora have managed to claw their back up the search rankings. Written by Kaye Neylon What Happened to the flower folk? Tried ordering flowers recently? If so, you may have noticed that one of the UK’s biggest florists – Interflora – was handed with a… Read more »

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Google Keep vs. Evernote: Which Does More?

Google Keep vs. Evernote

As Google Reader is laid to rest, we take a look how well Google’s note-taking and syncing service compares with the current firm favorite Evernote Written by Kaye Neylon At Jungle we love our apps and the latest offering from Google is by no means an exception! Keep, the new memo and syncing service has… Read more »

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Google’s ‘Keep’ Steps up in the digital memo market

Google Keep memo app

Keep is the latest entrant in digital memo market but how does it compare with its competitors? Written by Kaye Neylon Are you a memo maker? Then this one’s for you! If you have ever written down a note on the back of a scrap piece of paper and then promptly lost it, you may… Read more »

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How Google+ Could Boost Your SEO Efforts

Google+ and SEO Benefits

Google+ may not be as big as Facebook or twitter, but 2013 looks set to launch the new social network into the social stratosphere and it could take your SEO with it! You might have noticed that Google+ (Google’s social media offering) is becoming more and more popular with users. It’s been a slow start… Read more »

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Google and SEO – A Fine Romance

Google and SEO

Strawberries and cream, Pimms and lemonade, sausages and mash; there are some things in life that simply go hand in hand, and Google and SEO is another example. If you’ve ever stopped to wonder how search results work then read our handy guide about the relationship between Google and search engine optimisation. To understand more… Read more »

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The Jungle Guide to YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics According to Jungle

As a Digital Marketing agency, we fancy ourselves as pro’s when it comes to anything digitally savvy related and YouTube analytics is no exception. Written by Kaye Neylon YouTube recently redesigned itself and made vast improvements to its homepage and the features surrounding video content to better suit the user and tailors their experience. You… Read more »

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The Google +1 Button and Its Effects on Your Website Traffic

The +1 button has started appearing next to search results on Google, but you must be using the new Google profile in order to see this and you must also be logged in to your account.

The Google +1 button has been around for a few months now, but you might be wondering what it does and its effects on your website. It’s very similar to the Facebook like button and allows website visitors to bookmark and share the websites and content they like. The +1 button has started appearing next… Read more »

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Quickie Guide To Producing A Content Plan – Feed Google What It Wants

Quickie Guide to producing a Content Plan

Google has really upped the ante when it comes to page ranking lately. Their algorithm has been updated to promote good quality content and to give users a more enlightening experience. There has never been a more important time to get your content into shape and ensure it is working hard for you. But how… Read more »

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