Google Drive triples your free storage to 15GB

Google has announced its free storage across its services including: Gmail, Google+, and Google Drive is tripping from 5GB to 15GB in 2013. Jungle finds out why!

Written by Kaye Neylon

The Jump Factor

Google’s capacity to store all of your files will jump by thrice that of what it is currently. Google said on Monday (may 13th), that it’s storage/cloud service will be rising from 5GB to 15GB shared across Google+, Drive, and Gmail.

Google made the announcement hours before the ‘Google I/O developers conference’ which begins this week. The changes were announced in Google’s blog and were said to “roll out over the next couple of weeks,”.

There’s even better news for businesses using any of Google’s Apps as you will see your storage across Google Drive, Google+, and Gmail go up from 25GB to 30GB.

The new vast amount of storage space will give people who use Google’s services a generous storage capacity, more than that of any other free online-storage market.

Competitor Analysis

Google’s biggest competitors, Dropbox, currently offers free subscribers 2GB of storage, while Apple’s iCloud, SugarSync and Amazon Cloud Storage offer 5GB for free and leading the pack is Microsoft SkyDrive who gives users get 7GB of storage for free.

The announcement followed a Google Drive update which allows users to save files from the Web directly to the Drive. Google Drive’s latest announcement is seen by many as a bid to dominate the Cloud market as the new 15GB storage puts Google in the lead by over 100%

It’s Free but what’s in it for Google?

The 15GB of free storage is undoubtedly a game-changer in the Cloud market. The question remains, why did Google do it?

“Do no evil,” is Google’s mantra but how does this work in the business of making money? It’s quite simple, Google offers you more storage, this is because there is something that extra storage helps you do that will help Google make more money!

What that is, is anyone’s guess as Google is letting nothing slip.

It’s entirely possible that Google will reveal at its I/O developers conference that Google Drive or Google+ will incorporate a more multimedia heavy approach. Or perhaps it’s simply because Google can give you 15GB so it will.

Either way, the likes of DropBox, iCloud and Amazin Cloud will be shaking in their boots as Google’s announcement makes Gmail, Google+, and Google Drive that much more appealing to serious Cloud services users.

Which Cloud service do you use?

It will be interesting to see which Cloud service reigns supreme over the forthcoming months, but let us know which Cloud service you preffer to use and why in the comment box below or tweet us your answer here.

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