4 Reasons Why You Need To Be On Google+

Google’s social media offering has undoubted SEO benefits, so here’s 4 reasons why you should you be on Google+

Written by Kaye Neylon

1. Google Plus is the World’s No. 2 Social Network after Facebook

Google+ launched in September 2011 and less than two years later, the Facebook-alternative network has flourished to become the No. 2 social network worldwide. Rather unsurprising considering Google own most of the web, but an impressive stat non the less!

2. Google Plus can aid your SEO

One of the SEO benefits toy our site is your pages can be indexed in Google search results, which means your Google+ pages will show up in the results. This is positive exposure for your brand and offers a better chance of people finding your content! If your site is optimised correctly, Google could display your brand keywords.

3. Google Communities

Google+ Communities are discussion based forums surrounding a specific topic or trend. The reason why they are regarded as of greater importance in comparison to other forums is how the discussions are indexed and displayed in Google search results. Google+ communities allows you to tap into niche communities and find out their thoughts, views and opinions which is a great way of market research!

4. Google Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are a pretty impressive feature (even Barack Obama thought so when he held his own Google+ Hangout earlier this year!). The Hangouts give you the ability to video conference up to 9 people plus yourself and during the Hangout you can also switch back and forth between your desktop monitors to do real-time collaboration.

Scheduling a Hangout is easy to set up and people can be added to the conversation via an emailed link. It’s this kind of simplicity that has made Google+ Hangouts a big hit, a feature definitely worth exploring!

If we’ve sparked your social media interest, here’s a video to explain how you can get started!

Have you used Google Plus for your business? Let us know your experiences in the comments box below!


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